Addicted To Bitcoin

Addicted To Bitcoin

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“It was the shittiest day of my recent life…

I’ve had some crappy days in my life, but this was one of the
worst for a long long time! And if it smells like shit…

Then it’s shit!

It can’t be anything else other than shit.

I didn’t know it then, but in the next few minutes, my world
would come tumbling down and the gates of financial hell
were about to be unleashed on me…”


Tim & Jane In Terminal 21 Nachon Ratchasima

And with those words, I begin a true story featuring myself
& Jane. We are a normal couple who were struggling to pay
their bills and facing near bankruptcy.

This could be the story of any normal couple. It could be your
story too.

I describe how I felt as all I had worked for was being stripped
from me due to slow business. Dwindling resources and rising
debts made it worse.

Then came the dramatic discovery of bitcoin.

A close friend introduced bitcoin to me and just a few months
later Jane and I had become international jet-setters travelling
around Asia.

This is an emotional story of what happened to us, the processes
we went through and how we felt when the breakthrough came.

If you are in debt, struggling to pay bills and have lost all hope for
the future, this true story was written to inspire you.

Discover what is possible, when you cut past the negative press
and the naysayers and listen to people who have actually been
there and done it.

There is nothing like experience. It beats hearsay any day!

By the time you finish this emotional story, you will want to start
your own amazing journey.

If you need help creating that journey, there are contact details in
the book.

Tim Bennett



  1. Wow, what an amazing story! It must have felt like a revolution for you to be a able to make such a big change in your life. I’ve heard about bitcoin before and wasn’t quite sure if it’s a scam or not. But after reading your story I became curious again. I’ll definitely buy your book when I decide to give bitcoin a go. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hello Ruya,

      First thank you so much for taking the time to read the whole story. I know it’s long!

      If you read it, then you do not need to buy the book. You already read it.

      All you need to do now is contact me and I will help you get started with bitcoin.

      Click here to contact me.

      Bitcoin is real. It’s growing and you too can make money.

      Thanks for being here.

      Tim Bennett

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