Can You Make Money Day Trading And Why You Might Be Failing

Shocking New Statistics Show 80% Of All Day traders Quit!
However, you think you are one of the 20% don’t you?
Everyone of the 80% also think they are one of the 20%…
Every single on thinks they will make money…
Do you actually have sufficient training and experience to actually day trade…?
Or are you a frustrated amateur day trader? Are you losing money?
Then you are not alone!
The purpose of this document is to help amateur day traders make a profit.
I will introduce you to a new platform. This platform gives a daily return.
In a moment, I will introduce that platform to you, but first an intro to me…

Why should you listen to me?


I was an amateur day trader for almost a year. I watched the videos. I subscribed to the gurus. I studied a lot. I knew how to trade.
I learnt Bollinger bands, candles sticks and all that essential stuff.
I don’t know how many videos I watched. Or how many books I read…
I could make money trading. I was an amateur trader, not a professional trader.
I started day trading because I was in the cryptocurrency world and I heard that I could make money.
But in the end you or I cannot control the markets. So no matter how skilled we are, we still run a massive risk of a downturn in the market.
I got tired of the hours watching the screen. I missed spending time with my girlfriend.
The stress was killing me.
So I looked for a new way to make money.
I actually wasn’t interested in day trading.
What I wanted was to make money.
As long as it was legal, without the need of special skills,
I didn’t care what it was. I wanted to make money.
I found a new platform. I tested it for almost a year. It worked. Today I share it with you.
I reached number 2 in the top 100 of the Online Trading Niche on Amazon, with my book “Addicted To Bitcoin”
Addicted To Bitcoin


I have been an entrepreneur all my life. I dedicated the last 25 years to laser show entertainment. I produced shows and movies all over Asia. My company is Argon Animation Inc
As I got older, I wanted an income that would not take up so much of my energy or time.
For the last 2 years I worked in the cryptocurrency world. I worked fewer hours. I made more money. I was a leader to a team of about 2500 other cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
If you are an amateur day trader who started trading to make money, yet you are losing money…
I am here to help you. This document is for you.


Have You Ever Considered Quitting?

According to statistics at Tradeciety,
  • 80% of all day traders quit within the first two years.
  • Tradeciety also state 40% of all day traders quit after only one month. Within three years, only 13% continue to day trade. After five years, only 7% remain.
If you were making money would you consider giving up?
I’m guessing NO!
Unless you are one of the 7%, you WILL lose money.
Next you will QUIT.
Yet your goal in day trading is to make money!
It’s why you started in the 1st place… isn’t it?
Didn’t you wanted to make money?
I’m curious, is your goal to make money day trading, or to make money?
If you said, to make money, then here is a question for you:
A) If you could, get 20% ROI day trading over a period of 4 months, working 5 hours a day
B) Get 20% ROI using an alternative system over the same 4 months but only 10 minutes a day…
Which would you choose?
A or B?
If you said A, then there is no need to read the rest of this document. I wish you well on your journey…
If you said B, prepare for excitement!

Can You Make Money Day Trading? Yes But…


If Saying A Prayer Is Your Idea Of A Business Plan…

Losing money makes you feel like crap, doesn’t it?
It’s very stressful. It’s also humiliating. It’s not a proud moment to tell your friends how much money you lose, correct?
Let me share with you Jane’s story:
“I was so excited…
I had made some of my first money ever in bitcoin and it was a magical moment.
I never thought that something like this could happen to someone like me!
I shared the story with my friends and they were excited too…
One of my friends told me about day trading.
He was making 1% return of investment for every trade he was doing.
He said he was doing 5 to 10 trades a day.
I calculated that if I did 5% a day using the same techniques as he did, then, in a short time, I could turn my $200 into $500.
My $500 into… well anything I wanted!
So I registered an account with Binance.
Next, I sent $200 and in less than half an hour, I was ready to trade.
At first it was fun. I enjoyed the flipping back and forth from coin to coin, hunting for the best “buy low signals”.
I was getting about 4 to 5% a day.
It was exciting.
I didn’t like the hours online though. I was often online all day.
I noticed that some of the best trading opportunities were at 3am my time.
I was getting exhausted with lack of sleep. The constant back and forth trying to find the ‘perfect’ coin, was losing it’s appeal.
I was also starting to feel the stress. The volatility of the coins created an emotional roller coaster for me.
One minute I was up, the next minute I was biting my nails praying the value would come back up…
Despite, that I was making money, so I figured it was worth it.
In May 2018, the fun turned to panic.
The value of bitcoin fell below $6000.
The altcoins followed.
Red was all I saw for weeks.
It looked like a coin bloodbath.
For the last 3 months I haven’t done a single trade.
Binance has locked up my money. I am waiting for the values to go back up.
I could sell the coins, but then I would incur a loss.
Trying again seems futile. There is no guarantee trading again would give better results.
My excitement has turned to complete frustration.
Nothing is happening. All I can do is wait!
What a waste of time!”
Does any of Jane’s story feel familiar to you?
Are you in a similar positions as Jane?
Have you also discovered market volatility can create high stress levels?
How different would it be if you could remove the stress?
How would you feel if you could make money daily without the risk?
Even better, how refreshing would it be to get those results in only 10 minutes a day?
So if you could:
  • Get away from the stress…
  • Work less than an hour a day…
  • Get a daily income…
  • Work outside the fluctuations of bitcoin…
Would you be willing to look at a different platform?
What’s more, you have already all the tools you need.
You have a bitcoin wallet…
You have bitcoin… (You actually don’t have to have bitcoin)
The only thing you need to do,is change your platform.
Changing your platform is a better business plan than praying!

The 4 Steps To Online Profitability

In a moment, I will share with you the 4 steps to online profitability…
But first, you may like to see a comparison between the two platforms.
Can You Make Money Day Trading
I am sure you will agree, the table (Our platform) on the right is a much more attractive…
Also, I’m guessing your goal is to trade with profit.
Am I right?
As you know, 93% of all traders lose money, then quit.
How about you? Are you losing money too?
According to Forbes, if you are an amateur day trader, you may be playing with fire.
Your odds of success are like those of any other high stakes gambler.
Would You Like To Make Money Every Day?


In fact, you can get a share of revenue 30 minutes after buying your first package.
So here are, as promised the 4 steps:
1) Register for free with the platform.
2) Invest at least $50 (Or multiples of $50)
3) Work 10 minutes a day (on average)
4) Repeat as many times as you want…
Now if you are anything like me, when I first heard this, I was like “Yeah right, what’s the catch…?”
It’s ok to be skeptical.
As long as you are skeptical, but open to learning…
If you check out the recommended platform, you can find the following …
Welcome To Stress Free Day Trading


The platform is not new.
  • It’s not a start-up or an unproven concept.
  • The company has been operational since 2012.
  • It has an office in Hong Kong.
  • You can visit it anytime you want!
  • The online operations start on 01.11.2014. Meaning over 4 years of online success.
  • The social media platform boasts over 2 million members in more than 190 countries.
  • In fact, as far as we know, there are no country restrictions.
  • If you are over 18 with internet access you can profit from the service.
  • Since 2017, they also trade their own coin. With a listing on Coin Market Cap, the coin has credibility.


Day trading has a problem.
Income only comes from one source.
This is a problem if the value of the coins you are trading goes down (as it did from May 2018 to date August 2018).
There is no other income source.
In fact, this one income source issue has been a major problem for many companies recently.
According to CNBC, many companies either stopped paying returns or completely shut down.
Bitcoin mining has been unprofitable in the last few months.
Our platform does not have this one income stream issue as it combines at least 5 online income areas:
1) Social Media
2) Cryptocurrency
3) Online Advertising
4) Online Gaming
5) Online earning
The social media platform comes with a Facebook style site.
It also has an online store with a shopping platform with access to flights, hotels. Also shopping Via Lazada at discounts.
Furthermore cloud storage facilities, blogging tools, advertising, ad-revenue sharing programs also online games.
It Sounds Amazing But Does It Work?


Jane-Ido “A friend in Hong Kong introduce the platform to me in February 2018.
They showed me their results and it looked impressive, so I decided to give it a try.
I had $1000 spare, so I placed it on the platform.
Less than an hour later, I saw my first return. It impressed me.
24 hours later I had received approximately 1% in revenue.
Every day since then I have received revenue of about 1%.
I withdrawn some of the revenue.
The balance I put back into the system.
As I put back into the system, the daily returns grow too…
I spend the withdrawals!
It’s fantastic!
Every morning at 9am I spend 10 minutes checking the account and I am done. No stress, no panic, best of all is the income in only 10 minutes a day.
Now I am traveling through Asia. Time freedom critical to me. I want to enjoy my life.
Not work my life…”    Jane – Philippines
I could show you hundreds of testimonials…
There is only 1 way for you to know if the platform works or not.
To be 100% sure, you need to test it.
Other people’s stories are great, but it cannot replace personal experience.
So right now, you have a choice to make:


Carry on doing what you are doing now…
Spending every day praying your day trade will be profitable…
Keep investing your hard-earned money into a high risk platform…
Be one of the 93% who lose money then quit…
Keep working with no idea of returns…
Or …
Take a look at our platform replacing the above with better benefits…
  • A daily return…
  • Only 10 minutes a day…
  • A low risk, high return platform…
  • Short term agreements…
  • Freedom in life from the computer…


In truth, if you still want to take a gamble day trading, you still can.
You may not want to much longer though…
So if all it did was remove your stress from day trading…
If it all it did was to reduce the number of hours you worked…
If it does give you your 1st return in 30 minutes…
If it did make you 20% return of investment…
Would it be worth taking a look at?
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It is possible, that bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not for you. Consult a fully qualified professional financial advisor before investing.

‘Can You Make Money Day Trading’ Was Written By Tim Bennett Exclusively For Bitcoin Training Camp © 2018
  1. Hi Tim, thanks for sharing this awesome information. I’ve invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum and both making losses. My money i stranded and I don’t know what to do. Your review convinced me to try. Can I know what is the minimum amount to invest? If it is not a lot, I would love to try.

    • Hello Florence,

      Thank you so much for visiting the site and also for leaving a comment. I really appreciate you being part of our team here.

      If you bought bitcoin or Ethereum towards the end of last year, the price value is indeed down. However, unless you sell it, you have not yet lost anything. So if you still have it, hang on because I think you will be in for a great return in the future.

      I like to look at bitcoin as a business.

      If you were to start a business today, it would not be realistic to expect a profit by next week or even next year.

      In fact, most businesses take 2 to 5 years to make profit and are long term investments.

      I believe right now, bitcoin is a long term investment. Sure it is possible to make money in the short term, but as we saw last year the prices are very volatile and can go down as fast as they go up.

      I am sure as fiat struggles in the coming months, we will see a massive rise in interest in crypto which can only have a good effect for us. So hang in there!

      I will email you directly about the programs we are using so look out for an email from (That’s me!)

      Thanks again for visiting and I wish you great success in bitcoin.

      Tim Bennett

      Make Money With Bitcoin

  2. Investing is something that I have always wanted to do. From Bill Gates to Steve Jobs everyone has invested and also advises to invest. Investment can be great if you know the market and this article gives a lot of information about it. I’m happy I read this article it has a nice sets of information I needed. Thank you for your time with this article. Much needed one.

    • Hello Sujandar,

      Thank you for visiting the site and leaving your comment.

      I really appreciate you.

      You are absolutely right when you say that Gates to Jobs invested. Smart people know investment is the key! Look at their results. They invested in many things.

      I think there are 3 things that most people struggle with:

      1) Making money…

      2) Keeping money…

      3) Multiplying money…

      Investing is one of the only ways to solve all 3 issues in one go. However the investment program, must be enough to beat inflation and costs, so it can be very challenging to find the right platform.

      If you would ever like any help finding the right platform and getting started I would be very happy to guide you.

      Feel free to contact me at anytime.

      Thanks again and success to your investing!

      Tim Bennett

  3. Hi Tim,

    thanks for sharing how you can make money with bitcoin.  Although I read your review, I am still skeptical.  I think Bitcoin was great last year!  I played with it a few times with 10 dollars or so, and I immediately saw some benefit, but at the end of the year, it became more volatile and I still have 10 dollars invested now for around 8 months, and I am currently at 6 dollars if I recall correct from the last time I checked, which was a few weeks ago.  That is not a real loss, because I can keep it and wait.

    But I am not so sure if it can become so good again.

    Would like to hear your comments on my skepticism.


    • Hi Oscar…

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      I really appreciate you being here!

      I think skepticism is excellent as long as it is with an open mind to learning. I think it is good to look at things to see if they are real or not.

      In this case, even though bitcoin’s price value is down right now, I believe that the price is where it should be.

      The crazy end of 2017 was greed driven and that has now settled down and the real investors can now sink their teeth into cryptocurrency.

      There is massive investment coming. Institutional money is coming and you will see this start to happen soon.

      One of the key elements to bitcoin is that in 2020 the amount of bitcoin rewarded to miners will go down by 50% to 6.25. This actually reduces the amount of bitcoin available (supply). However, demand for bitcoin is rising. More people know about bitcoin now that 1 year ago.

      So as Supply starts to get low and demand starts to get high, normally price increases.

      This is only 1 reason in many that I think that you should hold on to your $10 of bitcoin (maybe even get more) and if you were interested in growing that bitcoin, i would certainly be happy to help you.

      You can contact me anytime at

      Thank you for being part of the team here!

      Look forward to hearing from you again!


  4. Hi Tim,

     While I’m not that familiar with bitcoin, in the past I didn’t do any trading and I guess I was leery of trying.

    Now that I’m making some money I think I might like to give it a go. I was never a gambler but I learned over the years on the internet that you have to spend money to make money.

    Sometimes you just can’t stand on the side and do nothing as I have done. Bitcoin is all over the place and I need to take a more detailed look into it!

    Thanks for the information! I shall be e-mailing you Tim!

    • Hi Rob,

      Thank you for your comments.

      How wonderful would it have been if we had all bought $100 of bitcoin in 2009! Oh well we missed that, however right now I think we have another opportunity.

      I agree it is certainly worth taking small steps into this new world of money. Crypto is clearly going to be here. 

      The early adopters of most things are generally the ones that get the most increases, but with bitcoin, I believe that there will be opportunities for a long time to come.

      I would be happy to share my experiences with you and show you what I am doing.

      I will email you too!


  5. Investing, stock market, bit coin, crypto currency, its all scary to me but mostly because I have no clue about it.  I have always been terrified of the stock market but thats due to my ignorance.  Since Crypto came out I have to admit I have developed a curiosity.  The thing is I am willing to invest but I just need to know and understand more.

    • Hi Dale,

      I totally understand how you feel. In fact I was the same.

      I still don’t know anything about the stock market or Forex. when my friend introduced me to Bitcoin, i was also very hesitant, like you.

      However I was open to learning, especially as he was making a lot of money.

      If you are serious about getting in, the great thing about bitcoin is that you can start with minimal risk.

      I would be really happy to share my experiences with you if that would help.

      Contact me anytime here at

      Thanks so much!


  6. I’ve never really done day trading before, but I’ve been interested in it at one point or another. What I’m really interested in these days though are cryptocurrencies as it seems that is the new frontier and is still relatively young. I wish I had gotten Bitcoin when it was still pretty low so I could be enjoying the profits that others have. I certainly would like to work outside the fluctuations of Bitcoin and have a nice daily income and I like that you offer a platform where that can happen and that there are 5 other income streams that are in use. Are there other cryptocurriences that you suggest there besides just Bitcoin?

    • Hi Brian,

      Oh me too. I wish I could go back to 2009 with $1000 ! How different life would be!

      I agree with you that bitcoin and crypto is in its infancy and there are still much to be enjoyed.

      Again I agree with you that the benefits of the AdPro program are that the fluctuations are not really there and so it seems to make a safer platform.Especially for the beginner!

      I actually prepared a whole post about the platform in more detail here at

      That explains it completely.

      If you also visit and of the top 10 are worth investigating. Personally right now I have bitcoin, some dash, ripple and about $500 in other altcoins.

      My main focus is bitcoin (it’s the Lord of All Coins) but I think we will see lots of action on other coins soon.

      Let me know how I can help you.

      Contact me anytime at

      Thanks for your question!


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