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How You Can Achieve 20% Return On Advertising Investment Even If No One Buys Your Service Or Product

Return On Advertising Investment - The Story Of Two Ad Managers

From a small little business, two men went to work each day. Each of them were account managers for the same company and enjoyed the same benefits and perks and as far as anyone could see, their prospects for success were equally good.

They were both allocated a $1000 advertising budget.

One man was using Facebook advertising and the other was using a new platform (discover in a moment which one) and they had very different results.

The difference between the two was not a difference of capacity, but a difference in decision.

One man wanted to go the safe way and do what everyone else was doing. The other saw a new opportunity and calculated that even though it was new, there was very little risk. He tried something new.

The history of these two men, will be repeated in hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few months.

The man on Facebook, spent the $1,000 dollars very quickly and every time he wanted to run an ad campaign needed to ask for a new budget.

Assuming he ran the campaign 3 times a year, he would request $3,000. This would come with zero guarantee of sales, result on spending or any new customers. In fact he could lose the money with zero sales.

The other man (on the new platform) ran his 1st campaign with $1,000 for about 120 days. At the end of the 120 days, he had a return on advertising spend of $1,200 even if he had no results.

For his second campaign, he used the $1,200 he had gotten back from the platform and ran it for about 120 days. The platform gave him back approx $1,440 even if he had no sales.

For the 3rd and last campaign, he reused the $1400 and over approx 120 days enjoyed a return of $1,728, even if he sold nothing.

At the end of 1 year, the man who used Facebook (assuming no sales) reported to accounting that their advertising campaign had lost $3,000.

The other man (using the new platform and assuming no sales) reported to accounting and gave back the original $1,000 and reported that his department made a profit of $728…

What more if they had sales?

If you were to run the next years advertising campaign, which platform would you choose?

Would you like to know what platform the 2nd man used? Then let’s discuss that now below!


Return On Advertising Investment

Facebook generated $27 billion in advertising in 2016 alone…

Did they give you any of it for making them the most successful platform on earth?

Would you like them to give you some?


“Money is the next most important thing, second to air” one of my business friends often jokes…

Indeed money is important.

Without it very little in business happens.


Money is energy.

Energy pumps life into any business.

As an entrepreneur, you no doubt struggle or have at some time struggled with cash flow.

Cash flow is an essential part of business.

It is difficult to move without money.

Money comes from our customers and we all want more money and more customers, don’t you?


Return On Advertising Investment


The 3 Ways To Make Money In Business

There are 3 ways to make money:

1) Acquire new customers

2) Get existing customers to spend more (up-size)

3) Get existing customers to spend more on a more regular basis


Advertising is a major part of business.

Advertising’s sole purpose is to make sales.

If you do not make sales, then not only is your advertising a waste of time, but you are not making any money either.

That is going to have a very negative impact on your business long term.


If you have ever run Facebook advertising you will know how expensive it can be. To get no replies or response, or even worse, the wrong response is not good.

As stated earlier, In 2016 alone, Facebook generated almost $27billion in advertising revenues.

Which is great for them, but not always good for us as entrepreneurs…




So how would you like to get a 20% Return On Advertising Investment, even if no one buys your product or service?

Sounds to good to be true?

That’s what I first thought.

In a moment I will explain how it can be.

Let me give you some history to the story and tell you how it all began.



Looking For A Solution To The Pain Started The Journey

I have been an entrepreneur all my life.

I registered a company in Manila called Argon Animation Inc in 1991. The company is till running today.

Argon provides specialized laser light shows for live events for top corporations.

It has been an amazing journey and one that I have loved and am passionate about.


As I got older, the physical demands of running an event based company were killing me.

If I got paid for seeing sunrises, I would be rich.

I worked too many early morning ingresses. Also way too many working nights to get the show ready, I was getting tired!

I delegated a lot, but clients still wanted me there.

It was a love / hate relationship.

I realized that I wanted to find alternative income sources.



If you have read my book Addicted To Bitcoin you will know that I was struggling with cash flow in early 2017.

In February 2017, I discovered bitcoin. With great training and guidance, I was able to create a secondary income stream with bitcoin.
As is often the case, one door leads to another. In February 2018, I discovered a business platform that I had never known before.


My business partner in Hong Kong showed me a very incredible website. It is on this website that I was able to achieve 20% Return On Advertising Investment.

And I will now share that site with you.


Return On Advertising Investment With Social Media

FutureNet Ad Pro

FutureNet AdPro is an amazing concept. It creates the Return On Advertising Investment you need.


Let me give you some background info:


What I like about the company is that it has many income streams and they are not dependent on one income source.

This is a great platform, especially for entrepreneurs who have their own businesses.

As I mentioned earlier, advertising is a business key.




How FutureAd Pro Can Accelerate Your Results
With FutureNet AdPro you can advertise your products or services to over 4 million customers. This will also give you Return On Advertising Investment.


What makes this a very special platform, is that they share their ad revenue with you.


If you remember, Facebook generated $27 billion in 2016. This is good Return On Advertising Investment for them.

How much of that did they share with you?


Well it’s why they are one of the richest companies on the planet.

It would appear as if the majority of their money goes one way.

To them!

How would you like Facebook to pay you back for all the advertising you do?


Great concept?

Well that is exactly what FutureNet do.

They share advertising revenue with us.



How To Make 20% Return On Advertising Investment (Even If No One Buys your Product or Service)

FutureNet is an advertising platform.

You can advertise pretty much any legal product or service.

Facebook prohibits or restricts many products. This includes cryptocurrency, multi-level-marketing, dating services, subscription services, financial services, student loans, and much more.

What if these are legitimate services?

FutureNet is more relaxed in it’s restrictions. It does allow cryptocurrencies and multi-level-marketing, affiliate marketing. They must be legitimate.

FutureNet approves each advert submitted to make sure they are up to standards. Members can also report content that might not be appropriate. I have never seen any.


How Does It Work?

As an advertiser you buy adpacks

Each adpack is $50. This allows you to advertise 800 adviews over approx 120 days.

At the end of the 120 days the adpack advertising can no longer run and the adpack stops.

These ads are displayed to a part of the 4 million members.

These members click on your adverts to view them.

Why would one of the members watch your advert? Because they get an advertising revenue share for doing so.

Advertising revenue share is nothing new.

Google runs an ads share program called Google Adsense.

If you run Google Adsense, you as the advertiser run adverts on your websites. When your visitors click on the ads, you get paid.

It has been running for years and some people have made small fortunes from it.

The FutureNet program is also an ads share program, except, we get paid much more.


This is how you can make 20% Return On Advertising Investment (Even If No One Buys your Product or Service)


Here is an example:

You buy 20 adpacks @ $50 per pack = $1,000

This gives you 800 x 20 ad views = 16,000 ad views.

This can be physical products;

Digital products;

Affiliate products;

Links to your website posts (get traffic)

So you have the opportunity to sell your products and services to 16,000 people (in this example)

Each member watches 10 adverts a day.

Including you!

This takes approx 10 minutes a day.

As a reward for watching 10 adverts, you get a share of the revenue that FutureNet gets from the advertisers.

The reward is approx 1% of your adpack purchase.

In this example, you bought 20 adpacks with a purchase price of $1,000.

1% of $1,000 = $10 per day

Each adpack lasts for approx 120 days, so if you do this for 120 days, you will get:

$10 x 120 = $1200

So you get your purchase price back plus 20%.


That is How To make 20% Return On Advertising Investment (Even If No One Buys your Product or Service)



Pros & Cons of FutureNetAdPro

Pros – What You Will Like

• You will not see a more practical way to advertise. It’s simple. Run an ad, watch ads for 10 minutes. Done.
▪ You can advertise your services and products to other like-minded entrepreneurs
▪ You support other entrepreneurs
▪ Enjoy return on advertising investment even if you do not sell
▪ The platform is well tested and tried
▪ I have completely withdrawn my initial $1000 and now the platform is 100% risk free
▪ Over 4 million global members
▪ Fast withdrawals (normally 24 to 36 hours)
▪ Payment and withdrawals in bitcoin, lite coin (list all the various options)
▪ They have a special arrangement with CoinDeal for cheap withdrawals
▪ You can make money from the product alone (no need to build any teams)
▪ You can make more money if you chose to refer people (optional)
▪ Site is updated regularly
▪ Company has regular webinars for updates
▪ You can make 20% returns on advertising cost even if no one buys a single product
▪ You can attend their annual conference
▪ Watch live streaming if you cannot attend the annual conference
▪ Offices in multiple countries
▪ FutureNet sponsors sports activities
▪ FutureNet also has their own foundation
▪ You can shop for hotels, flights and other products at their online shopping mall
▪ You have free access to their social media site

Cons – What could be better

▪ No support weekends
▪ No payout weekends
▪ Corporate communication could be more informative before updating is done


Is FutureNet perfect – NO!

Are there things they could improve – YES!

However, from personal experience of almost 1 year, I can see it’s clearly a better way!


Does The Advertising Platform Work?

In my opinion – YES!

I recently wrote a book called “Addicted To Bitcoin”. I placed it on Amazon Kindle as a free giveaway.

The Objective of the book was not to sell and make money, but to use as a lead generation tool.

The main objectives were:


1) To create enough downloads to get into the Top 10 Best Sellers

As you can see from the image below I got to #2. This is very good for my marketing. See the image below from Amazon.




2) To be seen as a credible source for bitcoin information.

I started the promotion on 20th August and until 31st October 2018, I enjoyed 231 downloads.

This is amazing to me. I am a totally unknown author. To have this many downloads makes me ecstatic.

The best part is that I got 100% of my advertising fund back and went on to make an additional 20%.

In other words…

I actually got paid to advertise!




3) Promote new articles on my website with traffic from FutureNet

I created a link on FutureNet that was directing members to my website. They were automatically redirected to the book on Amazon.

From the image below, you can see that the FutureAdPro traffic was the greatest traffic source.

In fact it is more than 6 times the #2 source.




My objectives were all met.

In short:

  • I had 231 downloads of the book (as of time of writing)
  • FutureNet created 1204 visits to my website as the #1 source
  • I promoted my articles and got great comments on the posts

I am very happy with the results…

But my biggest thrill is that I got a complete Return On Advertising Investment. ALL my advertising money back + 20% return on purchase!


Clearly you can see that FutureNet creates Return On Advertising Investment – Yes?

If you are looking for a platform that not only generates business for you, then you have the right platform.

Are you looking for a financially safe advertising platform, then you have found it.

If you are looking for a way to create additional income whilst promoting YOUR business, then you are at the right website.

I am so grateful to the people that showed me this site and I believe that you will also be very happy.

FutureNet is not as big or as fancy as Facebook…

It doesn’t have all the demographic options that Facebook has…

It also does not have 2 billion members…

But what it does have is the ability for you to finally make money in a safe environment…

Something that never happened on Facebook for me (and probably you!)

Also, being part of a smaller community, allows me to be seen and heard and gets me results…

Is FutureNet good?

It’s totally amazing and life changing!

Invite Only Platform – Take Action Now

FutureNet is an invite only program. You must be referred by someone to get access.

I will be very happy to invite you.

Click Here To Access Your Invite And Register <====


By now, you would like to improve the results in your business. Yes?

Improved business leads to improved life!

How would you like to work less, spend more time doing the things you want and at the same time positively improve your income?

It is impossible for me to show you everything about FutureNet in this article.

Schedule a free 20-minute strategy call with me here and I will answer all your questions and show you how to get started…

I know you have dreams…

How would you feel if you could get those dreams?

What difference would it make to you and your family if you could finally get those dreams?

And if I could help you get those dreams, would it be worth a 20-minute chat on Skype?

Register here now for free and let’s get you moving towards your dreams!





Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Do I get Started?

This is an invite only platform. You will need to get an invite link from me. Get your invite and registration link here:

2) What is the minimum adpack cost?

The absolute minimum is $10. However I recommend starting with at least a $50 adpack. You get faster return and also more adviews. You can buy in multiples of $50. I started with $1,000.

The minimums are either 1 unit of $10 adpack, or 1 unit of $50 adpacks. The $10 and $50 adpacks have different results. I recommend starting with $50 adpacks to begin with.

3) Is this an investment program?

No absolutely not. This is an advertising program. You do not invest in this program. You buy advertising packages which gives you access to an advertising revenue share.

4) Is there a guarantee and can I lose my money?

If you use the product as it should be used, you will get the benefits.

As a comparison, if you bought a gym membership and then never went to the gym, then you would have a membership, but no benefit of the gym.

With FutureAdPro when you join as a member, you agree to buy adpacks and to watch 10 ads a day. If you do neither, then you still have your membership, but no benefits.

In addition, if you do not watch your ads the adpacks will just sit there doing nothing until you decide to take action.

However, you will not get any returns until you start watching adverts.

The company also offer ‘holiday’ periods so that if you go away for any reason, you can put the ad packs on hold.

As with all business, there are no guarantees of success. All business has risk and you should only embark on business up to your levels of acceptable risk.

5) Is Tim Bennett a Financial advisor?

Absolutely not. I am not a financial advisor. I make no income guarantees. I am sharing a program that has worked for me and many of my friends. I sharing the information for informational purposes only. I am not offering the product for sale.

6) Do I pay Tim Bennett for adpacks

Absolutely not. I will NOT handle any money. You will pay FutureNet directly. I can help and guide you through the process, but I will not take or collect any money from you.

7) Can I Buy Adpacks With Credit Cards ?

You can pay with many options from cryptocurrency to credit cards and bank transfers.

Most payment systems will use a 3rd party processor. you cannot buy adpacks directly with credit cards, but there are 3rd party affiliated systems.

8) What Can I advertise on FutureNet

If you sell a legal service or a product you can probably sell it on FutureNet.

It is especially good for digital products, affiliate products, Amazon products or similar.

If you do not have products and you want to advertise your website posts, Facebook pages, you can. I used FutureNet to drive traffic to my new website posts.

You can advertise products for other people.

You can even post your Facebook page to get friends if you want!

However, it is really targeted at entrepreneurs with products to promote.


Please Note: All information is subject to change and Tim Bennett cannot guarantee that program changes will change some of the content and information above. Please read and understand The FutureNet Terms & Conditions before joining the programs.

I am not a financial advisor. all content on this website is provided for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice, financial advice or any sort of advice at all. NONE of this website’s content is advice of any kind and you should not treat is as such.

We do not recommend that you invest. We do not advise you to buy, sell, trade or hold (HODL) cryptocurrency, altcoins, bitcoins, tokens or any form of cryptocurrency.

We are making no offers to sell, buy, trade or hold any investment or cryptocurrency product. Nothing on this website should be taken as an offer.
Conduct your own due diligence and consult with financial advisors, business advisors and any other kind of professional that you deem fit, before making any investment decisions.

By investing, joining any programs or services or taking any action on any information on this website, you accept full responsibility and waive Timothy Bennett or any of his business associates free from responsibility, claim, lien, or harm of any kind.

Accuracy of Information
Much of what we share is experiential. It is our experience. We cannot guarantee your experience. We have taken every step to ensure that the information given is correct. We will not be held responsible for any missing or wrong information. You understand that you are using any and all information available here AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Price Risk
We discuss bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on this website. They are highly speculative and volatile. Prices can and do change incredibly fast and it is common to see massive high and low swings. Massive losses can be incurred. You use this website accepting all losses as your responsibility. NEVER invest any more than you can afford to lose. Minimize your losses. DO NOT invest all your money in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. Do not borrow money to invest. Do not sell valuable items to invest. Do not use pension funds, school funds or any other fund to invest. Only invest money which you can afford to lose.

It is possible, that bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not for you. Consult a fully qualified professional financial advisor before investing.






This post ‘How You Can Achieve 20% Return On Advertising Investment Even If No One Buys Your Service Or Product” was written by Tim Bennett, exclusively for Bitcoin Training Camp. © 2018 Please note that Tim Bennett is an affiliate of FutureNet and could receive commissions if you join.

  1. This sounds very interesting. Can the public look at their website? I would like to do a bit more research on this. Is there a minimum spend on the adpacks? Are people buying products or just watching ads? Do you use cryptocurrency in the market or can you use credit card or PayPal or other payment systems? 

    • Hi Jenny, Thank you for your comment and questions and I am very happy to answer.

      This is a membership group of 4 million entrepreneurs. You do need to be a member to see the adverts

      There are two types of adpacks. $10 and $50 packs and they give different results. so the absolute minimum is $10. I would recommend at least a $50 pack if possible.

      From my own personal experience I can say that people did buy my book. Prior to me giving it away for free as a lead generator, it was being sold. I do not have figures for other members.

      I pay in crytpo, however there are other payment  systems where you can use credit cards, even bank to bank.

      I find crypto easier.

      If I can help you get started of if you have questions, please book a strategy call with me so I can discuss anything you may want to know.

      Book your call here:

      Thank you so much


  2. I was reading your review and  from the numbers you provide I was thinking the following. In the example you give I have to invest $1000 and in 120 days which is 4 months i can get $1200 back. So in total I gain $200 in 4 months or 50$ per month which seems very low for investing $1000 in total. It may be legitimate but it seems very low to me. Am I right with the numbers or did I understand something wrong?

    • Hi Stratos,

      Thank you for your comment and question!

      Your figures are spot on!

      However, remember that you are not investing. This is not an investment platform. It is an advertising platform.

      In addition you would be getting approx $300 a month return, which includes the amount you used to purchase the adpacks. I personally do not know of any investment programs that pay you $1,200 on a $1,000 investment over approx 4 months. Certainly not mutual funds, banks or other similar vehicles

      If you were to advertise on Facebook, it is very possible you get nothing back.

      In fact I have used Facebook and gotten zero results from the advertising. Facebook actually sent me the totally wrong target market. I didn’t get a single result, except they still billed me.

      I do not know of many advertising platforms where you can pay for advertising, get your money back and make 20% on top.

      Also the amount, makes this a sustainable program. I have heard of many of these programs that promote massive daily returns and they are gone in a very short while.

      This make what we do a safe platform to use.

      From my experience, I was able to advertise my book, get 231 downloads and get a 20% return on my advertising!

      I would say that is an excellent return myself!

      Hope this helps clarify.

      If you have more questions let me know I would be happy to answer all and any!


  3. Hi Tim,

    Wow!  If I can make 20% return on my advertising investment I am definitely in.  I love your article and I am really considering going this route.  You have provided a ton of information and I am currently suffering from information overload and need some advice:)

    I am a blogger but my blog (website) is still fairly new.  Should I get going with your suggestions or wait a bit for my website to mature a little more?

    If I get started what should I do first?

    Thanks for sharing a great post!

    • Hi Rika,

      Thank you so much for your visit to the site and your comment.

      I really appreciate you.

      One of the ways I use the program is to direct members to my posts on my website. This generates more traffic for me, which the search engines certainly love…

      And so do I.

      I would recommend that you do not wait. Imperfect action is better than no action at all.

      So you can start your website traffic with it.

      to get started the 1st thing is to book a free strategy call with me so I can answer all your questions. I would not want you to start anything until you completely understood it.

      The best way to do that is here:

      I really look forward to hearing from you


  4. Futurenet siunds like an ideal place to grow a business, I like the idea  they have developed  a very good business model and it will appeal to many entrepreneurs.

    It appeals to me as I would get a return on my advertisement investment. To be offered this opportunity allows someone to reduce the risk of no return on their investment.

    Thanks to your detailed article I am going to join futurenet so I will let you know how I get on! 

    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you so much for your comment !

      I am very happy that it appeals to you as an entrepreneur. I am sure that you will love it as much as I do.

      It is an invite only platform. I would be very happy to send you an invite to join.

      Simply, send me an email to and I can send you a link.

      Alternatively book a strategy session with me here at

      I will help you maneuver through the start up.



  5. Hello there. 

    This sounds really amazing. A little bit too good to be true. 

    Im interested.

    I just have some questions that Im really eager to know about before I dive it.

    1. Is there a minimum number of adpacks to purchase? 

    2. What is the risk of investment? Is there any way of loosing money? 

    3. On the company side – how do they earn money? 

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards, 


    • Hi Che,

      I really appreciate your comments.

      I know how you feel, when I first was introduced to the program, I had also never heard of this kind of platform.

      So I decided to find out if it worked on not by testing it. It worked!

      To answer your questions:

      1) The minimum amount of adpacks is 1. You can upgrade by getting more anytime

      2) If you do not watch the adverts, you will not get a return. The ad-revenue share service is built on your participation.

      3) The company make money from many ways. If you look in the post you will see the many services they have from advertising, to cloud storage, to web translation services. They even have internet cafes. With this program specifically though, they make money from selling advertising and share some of that with us.

      If you have more questions that you would like answering before you get started, let’s jump on a quick call. you can book that here at:

      Look forward to helping you get started.


      PS This is an invite only platform, so I would need to send you the invite

  6. This is a very interesting article, and sounds great.  However before jumping in I am curious to know what  results you would get for a $10 adpack?  You mention that there are different results for 10 dollars and for 50 dollars.  As a beginner I would like to start small and spend the least amount of money.  Also, do you have to keep buying adpacks?

    • Hello Jenny,

      Thank you for your visit to my site and your awesome questions…

      So let me answer them for you:

      A $10 adpack lasts approx 150 days. You are expected to get return + 20% = $12

      A $50 adpack lasts approx 120 days. You are expected to get return + 20% = $60

      As a beginner this is an ideal way to start.

      You do not need to keep buying adpacks.

      You can make this a 1 time purchase or purchase more later.

      I would love to help you get started and as this is an invite only community, I will need to give you a link to register.

      Kindly contact me on and I will send you that.

      I will support you throughout



  7. Is this similar to a paid to click website? In my experience these type of sites don’t pay as well. I like the idea of companies sharing the ad revenue with their users since they are selling our data. But I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it. 

    • Hi Eddy,

      Thank you so much for visiting the site and your question.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to ask and clarify.

      No this is not like a ‘paid to click website’

      This is a real advertising platform where you can actually advertise your products and services.

      Buying the advertising is a real product.

      The adshare program is an extension of the advertising.

      From my personal experience of almost 1 year, I can say this has been an incredible platform for us.

      Personal experience always beats assumptions!

      Hope this helps!


  8. HI Tim,

    This is definitely different for sure. I am wondering if your return is Guaranteed? If I understand this correctly, you are only “promised the actual return plus 20%” if you basically place 1200 clicks in 4 months. If I followed the instructions, and clicked on ten ads a day, then I am assured I will receive my money back for the cost of the ads, plus 20%. 

    You are also stating that you are NOT guaranteeing anyone that they will make money? How do you lose your money, even if you do the ten clicks a day? Also, are the bitcoins going to lose value in the 4 months? The price fluctuates on bitcoins, does that impact your return in 4 months?

     How do you get traffic to your site, by site and affiliate links? You mentioned the online mall. Is the online mall similar to Pinterest, where you would place your image advertising your goods?

    I would definitely have to study this further before making any commitments. Thank you for bringing this new FutureNet to my attention. It has some interesting possibilities. 

    • Hi Chas,

      Thank you for visiting the site and you ask some great question, so let me answer them in order.

      When you place an order with the company for Adpacks, your expectation would be that they deliver. This would be the same with any company. for example, if I place an order for advertising with Facebook, we would expect them to actually deliver the said advertising.

      The fact that FutureNet has been in business for 6 years clearly demonstrates that they deliver. If not they would have been closed down by now. In actual fact they are growing.

      You are right in your assumption. If you place an order for adpacks and click the required click on a daily basis, you should receive not only the amount you paid for the packs, but also a 20% increase from ad-revenue share.

      With regards to me not personally (your 2nd question) guaranteeing that anyone will make money, I cannot make guarantees as 1) it is not legal for me to do so and 2) I do not work for FutureNet. I am not directly part of the company and therefore have no control over what they do. I am a member who advertises on the platform and who enjoys the product.

      FutureNet, you or I do not control the price of bitcoin. It is controlled by the marketplace. I cannot predict therefore what the price of bitcoin could be. If the price of bitcoin dropped, then the price value would go down, but you would still have a return of your initial payment +20% (assuming you pay in bitcoin). however the price value is temporarily down. Should that happen then hold on to the bitcoin and wait for the price to go up.

      Remember that bitcoin is only 1 payment option. you can also pay with fiat and other methods.

      I get traffic to my personal site from FutureAdPro and other marketing methods.

      The traffic within FutureAdPro is generated by FutureNet and the membership base of over 4,000,000 members.

      The shopping Mall is an internal shopping mall where you may buy products from the mall in an Amazon Style. They also have a shopping mall where you may sell physical products.

      i hope this answers your great questions.

      If you have anymore, I would be happy to chat with you.

      Contact me anytime at

      Happy to help you!


  9. This is all very new to me, but I am trying to stay abreast of the new ways to make money, and your website caught my eye.  You discuss many things that are over my head, but you do a good job of breaking things down pretty well.  

    I was surprised the books didn’t link up to Amazon to purchase them.  I was definitely interested,but when I tried to click, it appears to be only an image.

    Can you give me the link?  I’m interested in Intelligent Investor.


    • Hi there Babsie,

      Thank you for visiting the site and leaving your awesome comment.

      I really appreciate you being part of the community.

      Our world is indeed changing and the old traditional ways of making money being replaced by new technologies. It seems to be rapidly changing the business landscape.

      I am happy I was able to break it down for you. I did my best, but if you have more questions I would be happy to answer.

      Contact me anytime at

      The book should link up to amazon, but here is a direct link:

      Hope this helps and let me know if for any reason the link still does not work.

      All the best.


  10. Hello Tim,
    I was reading through your website this looks like it would be a great opportunity for me. I am a newbie to Affiliate Marketing 1. Yes I would like to acquire new customers
    2. Get existing customers to spend more money
    3. Getting existing customers to spend more on a regular basis
    4. Get more traffic to my website

    I would like to know would Bitcoin work on my website I have a Jogging Stroller website? I asked this because if I am not mistaking this Bitcoin is an Affiliate Link, where someone clicks on the advertisement and you get paid right ? I would like to look further into this Advertising opportunity.
    Thanks for the article.

  11. Hello Tim,I was reading through your website this looks like it would be a great opportunity for me to make 20% on advertising cost even if no one buys a single product that’s sounds like an opportunity .  I am a newbie to Affiliate Marketing:

    1. Yes I would like to acquire new customers 

    2. Get existing customers to spend more money

    3. Getting existing customers to spend more on a regular basis

    4. Get more traffic to my website

    I would like to know would Bitcoin work on my website I have a Jogging Stroller website?  I asked this because if I am not mistaking this Bitcoin is an Affiliate Link where someone click on the advertisement and you get paid right?   I would like to look further into this Advertising opportunity.Thanks for the article.Cynthia

    • Hello Cynthia,

      Thank you for visiting my site and leaving your great questions.

      The AdPro platform is excellent for affiliate marketing, so I am sure it would be a good match for you.

      It will certainly help you with all 4 points.

      You can place bitcoin as a payment option on your site. I can help you with that.

      We can use 3rd party apps for that (Not connected with FutureNet).

      I can guide you on both.

      Contact me at and I will get you started.



  12. Great Post! This sounds like a very interesting opportunity. I have never heard about it before but I am glad I did now. It is crazy to think that you could actually get money back from watching ads even though no one is actually buying anything from you.

    I think this is definitely worth further investigation. Thanks for the info!

    • Hey Renton,

      Really appreciate you stopping at my site and leaving a comment.

      We live in a fast changing world and some of the possibilities that are being created are mind boggling.

      When I first heard about FutureNet I thought the concept was really exciting. Although ad-revenue share programs are not new, the way FutureNet do it is really exciting.

      If you need more ehlp in your investigation feel free to reach out to me at

      Would love to help you


  13. Futurenet sounds like it might be promising. I am always skeptical when companies say they will pay you to advertise or you can make a roi for advertising. Makes me always wonder how they can stay in business if they are paying out more than they are bringing in? You do make some interesting arguments for futurenet however so I bookmarked your site for more reading,as I will be offline for a week or so.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thank you so very much for your comment and also visiting the site.

      I really appreciate you being part of the team here.

      You make a solid point. i also wondered how they would stay in business.

      however point to note is that they have been in business for 6 years and their online platform for 4 years. So it would seem that found a way.

      In fact one of the things I like about FutureNet is that they have multiple income streams as a company.

      They not only have the advertising platform, which would actually bring in sufficient income to pay members, but they also other income sources.

      They have online translation services, a social media network, a web design platform, they even have internet cafes.

      As part of the crypto world they also have their own coin (FTO) and do mining as well.

      I hope you can see from the article above they they in fact have many ways to create income.

      I look forward to helping you when you get back online.



  14. Hi Tim. I gave myself a promise to not look towards any money schemes anymore but I am just a human so different kind of temptations appears here and there. 

    Well, why I read your post at all? Its because I met the word Bitcoin. I have some relations with cryptocurrency and I have a bit in the crypto wallet. In reality, I even do not know what to do with this amount except to withdraw it for fiat money. But there are well-known reasons why little of BTC owners wanna do it.

     My question is, Does it take much time to manage FutureNet? If I invest, say 1BTC do I get back in crypto or $? Thanks

    • Hello Andrejs,

      Thank you so much for visiting the site and leaving your great question.

      It took me about 1 hour to register, set up my profile and then buy my adpacks with bitcoin.

      Once that is done, I log in every day to watch the ads which only takes me about 10 minutes per day.

      I personally have not seen anything similar.

      There are many ways to pay in FutureNet and bitcoin is just one of them.

      To answer your question, you can get the choice. You can withdraw in crypto or in fiat.

      If I buy in crypto I would normally withdraw in crypto, but it is really up to you.

      I hope this helps and if you need any support or have more questions feel free to connect with me at

      I would be happy to help you.



  15. Very interesting post and at first I thoughts this is just one of the online get rich quick program however after reading your articles which is very details I do find the idea of getting 20% return on advertising investment is workable. Nevertheless it may require certain level of capital and also commitment for 120 days in which case if there is a will there is way to make money. 

    • Hello Erry,

      Thank you for visiting the site and leaving your thoughts.

      I appreciate you!

      One of the things I like about FutureNet’s program is that you can pretty much start anywhere on the financial ladder.

      It is possible to start with as little as $10 for 1 $10 adpack and you can max out the system with 1000 x $50 adpacks. so no matter where you are, you can get started.

      There is a commitment in time, as with most businesses (I like to treat this as a business), however it is really minimal with only about 10 to 15 minutes a day.

      Indeed, if there is a will…

      As you say, there is a way!

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts


  16. I’ve always had a bit of interest in bitcoin but I definitely feel I need to know a lot more about it  before I jump right in. I am taking a look at Future ad pro right now this is pretty cool thanks for the post man.  Quick question what is the difference in bitcoin mining and just buying bitcoin?

    • Hi Doc!

      Thanks for the interest and your great question!

      Bitcoin mining is actually the process of verification.

      Each transaction has to be verified on the blockchain. The people who do the verification are called miners.

      They get paid in bitcoin.

      This is the process of bitcoin mining.

      If you buy bitcoin, you are buying coin that has already been mined.

      It is a similar process to actual mining.

      A gold miner goes and digs the hill and actually find the gold and then the miner can sell that gold to a buyer.

      Hope that helps and if you would like to get started on the FutureNet platform, let me know and I can help you with the registration and getting started.



  17. This was a long read but indeed very interesting.  I saw that you said ad sharing is done through adsense.  I know how strict adsense can be so I would be a little scared to lose my adsense account.  Maybe I am missing something here.  Would love some clarification.  Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Dale,

      Thanks for your awesome question.

      I used the Google Adsense program as an example of other ad-sharing programs.

      FutureNet and Google Adsense are not connected in anyway, so you will not have any issues.

      Also FutureNet is a closed community so nothing you do with FutureNet will be seen by the public. Access is restricted to the 4 million members only

      Great question !


  18. This looks like a very interesting program. I have never heard of it before. I’m having a hard time deciding if it would be right for me. I do affiliate marketing, but I’m not sure what I would advertise. Would I advertise my brand or are you supposed to promote a specific product?

    • Hello Holly,

      Thank you for visiting the site.

      Thanks also for your question! It’s a great one.

      I would consider this a great program for affiliate marketing.

      It would probably be better to promote a product or service in my opinion.

      However, if you could promote both at the same time. This would allow the community to see and know you and at the same time see your product.

      It often takes a few ‘touches’ before a prospect buys.

      Thanks for being here


  19. This sounds quite interesting, but I’m wondering whether there is a limit to the packs you can buy? And with more packs do you get a higher return or does it stay the same? 

    And are you actually getting someone buying your product or was your product just your free e-book?

    • Hello Petra,

      Thank you for your visit and your question.

      I really appreciate both.

      There is a limit to how many adpacks you can buy. The maximum is 1000 adpacks at any one time.

      I am not selling products at present. I have only been promoting my book.

      There was a period when the book was not free (it took Amazon a few days to approve it) and I did sell a couple of books at that time.

      Hope this helps and would love to hear from you if you have more questions


  20. This confirms the old sayings “you have to spend money to make money.” However in this instance it sounds like the more you spend the more you make. The 20% ROI is clearly explained in this review. If I were financially stable, I would invest heavly with no hestitation for a 20% profit guaranteed. But to invest with small amounts will return small amounts. I guess either way it is a win win for all.

    • Hi Maurice,

      Awesome to have you comment here. Super appreciate you taking the time.

      20% is 20%, so even if you start with a small amount the return is the same percentage. I believe one of the great things about this program is that someone on low income or with low funds can get involved in creating business and money.

      It is nice to see a program that allows such low entry.

      If you have decided that you would like to get started, get in touch with me at and let’s get you started and creating business and money!



  21. hello Tim,

    Interesting website. Never heard of them before? 

    Why are they an invite only company?

    I might be interested in joining. How much profit would I make of 1 $50 purchase? I need more information to make a better decision for myself because I feel I do not fully understand how this works. How does this company make money if we are getting 20% more back then we paid? 

    Appreciate you following up with me to clarify.


    • Hi Jody,

      Thank you for visiting the site and leaving your amazing questions.

      It is simply their business model to have it as invite only. There can be little more effective than word of mouth advertising. Allowing the members to benefit from spreading the word in my opinion, is better than spending money on advertising to promote.

      I would rather they paid me for telling others!

      If you bought 1 $50 adpack, you would expect a total return of $60

      One of the biggest revenue generators for the company is advertising. In the same way that Facebook charge for advertising. The difference is that FutureNet share a small part of it with us.

      The company has many income streams from advertising, internet cafes, shopping malls, web translation and web design services.

      This is a huge company with many different ways for it to create income.

      If you would like to get started, let me know at and I will guide you.

      Have a profitable day!


  22. Success With a Home Business

    Not sure or knowing if this platform would reach your post, I left a comment on your website directly. I do not know if this is new and improved, but in the past, it did not link to nothing. But to clear I am intrigued by the review and make contact 

  23. I absolutely loved the extensiveness of the article. The math you explained around the FutureNed and the adpacks was brilliant. Made it totally clear on how it actually works. And being paid for advertising certainly isn’t something everyone offers. 🙂

    From everything you managed to cover, it is pretty remarkable that FutureNet does not only care about profits, they also care about giving back. I’m not sure, if the same can be said about Facebook. I mean, for Facebook it seems to be all about the profits. Obviously I might be wrong, but at least I haven’t heard of them using the profits to provide value for people.

    And in that I believe, if Facebook was to ever fall or be overtaken by a different company, it would be by one that is way more about giving than they are.

    I will get that book of yours as I’ve been on a lookout for some quality resources on BitCoin. I hear people talk about it way, way too much. It’s about time I should get to learn the basics. Are there any other articles or resources in general you’d recommend to a person not yet acquainted with BitCoin?

    Cheers and have a Great One!Matiss

    • Hi Matiss,

      Thank you so much for your amazing comments.

      I really appreciate your comments about the extensiveness of the site. It takes a lot of time to research and put a post like that together.

      I really feel FutureNet is a caring company. We have the privileged of meeting some of the other members and we really have a nice community.

      Obviously no company is 100% totally perfect, but FutureNet clearly is abetter way to go and they have big ambitions to fill.

      I have to agree with you, Facebook has, in my opinion, become a massive profit making machine that seems to care very little about it’s members.

      They restrict and throttle who can see our posts (I believe it’s about 2% of our friends now) and expect us to pay if we want more exposure to those who are connected to us.

      You can download my book here:

      If you would like personal help with bitcoin, feel free to contact me at and I would be more than happy to guide you along the way.

      Thanks for your awesomeness!


  24. The concept seems cool! And based on your experience, there is win in more than one area:

    1.  You reached a good number of downloads.

    2. You promoted your e-book for free.

    3. You still earned 20% of your investment.

    I wanted to ask. Can I join the platform and view ads without promoting a product? And are the earnings received viewing ads equal for all members? Or are the earnings based on the amount of money invested?

    • Hello Henry,

      Your observations are spot on! the 3 points you mentioned are exactly why I use the platform.

      You can actually join the platform for free. You can do that here. You can use all parts of the site including watching advert.

      When you buy an adpack, you are buying advertising. So it would be expected that you run your adverts within 10 days of buying the adpack.

      Earnings are based on running ads and watching ads.

      If you have nothing to advertise, you can advertsie for other people, advertise affiliate programs or even advertise your Facebook page for new friends!

      The earning ratio is the same for everyone.

      This is set at 20%

      So if you were to buy:

      1 adpack, your daily adrevenue share would be approx  $0.50

      10 adpacks would create approx $5.00 a day

      20 adpacks would create approx $10.00 a day

      The maximum is 1000 adpacks at any one time.

      I hope this helps. Should you have any more questions feel free to connect with me at

      Thanks so much.


  25. Wow! I didn’t know such platforms ever existed. When I was reading your article on FutureNet I kept on thinking about the much money I wasted on Facebook Ads and all I got was likes and no single click to my content. 

    Future Net seems like a very promising platform but I didn’t see some key information like if it’s free or a purely premium version. In fact  I will be registering and give it a trial and I hope it all works well with me as it has for you.

    Much appreciated and I’ve bookmarked your page for future reference.

    • Thank you PMBaluka2016…

      I appreciate your comment so much.

      You can actually signup to FutureNet 100% for Free. You can do so here. This allows you to look around first and then you can get going from there.

      Let me know once you have registered and I will help you navigate around.

      Look forward to helping you out.


  26. Thanks Tim for this useful information. I have used facebook in the past to run ads to some products and it can be really complicated to know exactly what you need to do to make sure you get a good return on investment(ROI). And you either make money or you lose it all when using facebook. This looks like a good opportunity and you have provided some good information on them. I have bookmarked this page and I am going to be visiting again when I am ready. Thank you for this.

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

      I appreciate it very much.

      Facebook can be very challenging. I have had some ok results, and I have had some disasters too, so i like that with this platform, I can limit the risk.

      I think it is the risk reduction that I like the most.

      Thank you for bookmarking and I look forward to getting you started when you are ready.


  27. Hi and thank you for this very informative, if somewhat overwhelming post.

    The concept sounds wonderful. Correct me if I am wrong. You buy advertising and place adverts.  Then as you look at other peoples 10 adverts a day you are rewarded with money credits.  As you can review more adds than you can post, you end up with about 20% more credits. I say about, because obviously there are different amounts of days in each month.

    My understanding is, as I have no bitcoin to start, I pay cash to start and then if I wish to withdraw after time, even if it is 3 months, I then get paid the bitcoin value of my investment plus 20%.  Is there much cost to transfer the bitcoin to cash using Coin Deal?

    Likewise, if you sell something or get people to your blog from your advert is there a handling cost if they purchase from your website? Like, do we become affiliate businesses and FutureNet the Affiliate marketer.  I assume here that you can send to an external website and not just to one built within the platform.

    • Hi KerryAnn,

      You have asked some great questions. That’s awesome.

      Correct.. you buy advertising and place adverts. These can promote, your business, affiliate links and pretty much anything you want (as long as it is legal).

      As we watch adverts, FutureNet share their adrevenue with us. It becomes a word of mouth advertising platform.

      We can start you in different ways. You can pay in many different ways including bank transfer, 3rt party payment gateways such as Payeer or with bitcoin and other crypto.

      You can also withdraw in any of those options..

      I personally buy in bitcoin and withdraw in bitcoin. If you want to get any bitcoin, I can also show you the way to do that.

      Withdrawal to CoinDeal is only $2 per withdrawal.

      there is no handling cost or commission payable if you sell any product of service within the platform. You can (and I do) use links to send my customers to my own websites from FutureNet.

      Thanks and i hope I was able to answer everything.

      If you have more questions feel free to aks me here at

      Look forward to helping you get started.


  28. Wow! Thank you so much. Your post is so informative. I kept reading and reading, wanting to know more about how FutureNet AdPro works. You do a great job at leaving NOTHING out. I would want to buy in if we were face to face and you pitched something to me. I love the flow of your writing and the visuals. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

    • Hello Petey…

      WOW thank you so much for your great comment. You are awesome!

      If you would like to know more and jump on skype so we can be face-to-face, I would welcome that.

      You can connect with me at and let’s arrange a chat

      I can explain everything to you and help answer any questions you may have and then get you started!

      I really look forward to it.


  29. It is very true, that you can never run a business without advertising and letting the next person know what you are selling, Face book is really making good cash . I am hearing you talking about bitcoin, I have a share in bit club network i purchased pool 1 but the daily shares are as low as even more less than one dollar.. I am surprised how did you make good money with this?

    • Hello NKhosingiphile,

      Thank you for your comment. it is important to me.

      It is great that you have some bitcoin investments going, even if your returns are low, it’s good to be involved.

      When I started with FutureNet, I bought 20 adpacks which was $1000. This initially gave me a return of about $10 a day.

      Since February of this year, I have withdrawn the initial $1000 (which now means i have no risk) and the rest of the returns I bought more adpacks, which gives a larger daily return.

      What is nice about this is that These purchases were bought from returns so no more out of pocket expenses.

      I have never seen a better system than this.

      Let me know if i can help you get going.

      Register here for free to have a look around.


  30. Overall article describes well the FutureNet program.  Everything thing is detailed on how to join and make money. This is the first time I’m hearing about FutureNet.  I’ve always been a little hesitant of bitcoin. For one I don’t fully understand it.   I may consider joining  it once my site at WA is fully functioning.  Thanks for the info

    • Hello Pardeap.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      What I like about FutureNet is that it is not just a bitcoin platform. you can completely run the advertising in fiat if you want.

      There is an ability to do bank transfers if you do not fully understand bitcoin or if you do not want to use bitcoin.

      When you have decided to start let me know. In the meantime you can signup for free here and have a look around.

  31. Hi Tim, this sounds a real deal! I got lots of questions in my mind after reading your arricle, but the comments and answers your provided help me to understand more. Maybe I missed some of the answer, but how do we create an advert for our website? Is it like a video or only picture? 

    • Hi Emily,

      Thanks for visiting and your great question.

      Creating an ad is very simple. It takes about 5 minutes.

      The ad is placed on the platform for the members to see and it is a box of about 2 x 2 inches with text that you create.

      There is a click button at the lower part of the ad.

      Once a member clicks it, they will be taken to your advert which would be normally, your website, affiliate link or product sales page.

      You can re-direct to sites such as Amazon too.

      I hope this helps and once you actually create your ad, I can help you do that.

      To get started, simply register here for free at:

      Once you register I will be notified and I can assist you getting going.

      Thanks so much!


  32. This is amazing and seems like an almost risk free way to advertize and generate traffic to your website. I have a question though, you said you used $1000 and got those results, but if someone were to say spend $2000 on ads over the same period would you just end up with $400, or is there a limit on how much you can spend on advertizing?

    • Hi Huy,

      What a great question.

      So if you bought $2000 of adpacks you would get 40 adpacks.

      This would give you 32,000 adviews of your advert.

      It would also give you approx $20 a day in returns = $2,400 in total. Giving you a profit of $400.

      This all happens over about 120 days.

      The limits are based on how many adpacks you have. Each $50 adpack give you 800 adviews.

      Hope that points you in the right direction.


  33. This all sounds very interesting indeed. I just wonder how FutureNet makes money for them selves.

    I see in your Google visitor numbers, the referrals from FutureNet stay only for a short time on your website. This seems to show that I as a user of FutureNet too not have to look at other members adds for a long time.

    I was looking for an add company already, I tried Google Adsense but with a small budget it’s hard to get targeted traffic. The system you recommend seems to be though not only free if you fulfill the tasks but also allows to earn a profit.

    Thanks for sharing this recourse, I’ll have a look at the program right now 🙂

    • Hi Stefan.

      Thank you for your really good question!

      the company makes money through advertising. They are essentially an advertising company. Part of their advertising platform is The AdPro platform where they share some of the ad-revenue with us.

      They have other income platforms where they have additional advertising.

      You are also super observant!

      One of the reasons that the amount of time is very low on my Goggle Analytics is that for a large part of the traffic I have a redirect to Amazon.

      You are also correct. Each add only takes about 30 seconds to watch. So in total you would spend about 10 to 15 max.

      I have an alarm on my cell and at 9am each morning I start watching the 10 ads and then by 9.15an I am finished and have my morning coffee!

      Google Adsense is a great program, however what I do not like about it is that you redirect your website visitors to another website and give them your customers.

      FutureNet allows you to retain your customers and get paid more at the same time. Even if they don’t buy!

      At the end of the day, you are making a profit on your advertising.

  34. Hi Tim. I think this is an awesome advertising platform to advertise legitimate money making opportunities because the ads viewers are watching the ads because they want to make money and may get involved in what you’re advertising.

    Overall, I love the idea of 20% returns on money spent on advertisement. I’ve done some advertisement on Facebook with zero results and zero return on money spent on advertisement. I’m pretty confused with something. If I spend $1,000 and get back $1,200, how is Future Net making money? Also, those watching my ass will also get $200 like me. I’m pretty confused how this company is benefiting.

    • Hello Mr BEazzy,

      Thanks for your comments and great question.

      I indeed think it is an amazing platform.

      So great question! How does FutureNet make money!

      Well it has many income streams.

      It is primarily an advertising company. AdPro is one of their ad platforms. They have more.

      They share the revenue from AdPro with us, but the other platforms have income for them.

      They also have shopping malls within the platform. also real internet cafe’s. There are also webbuilding platforms, cloud based services and a social media platform.

      They are also heavily into sponsorship of sports.

      So as a company they do not just rely on the FutureAdPro program for income.

      Hope this helps and if you would like to get started go to

      See you there!


  35. Hi Tim

    I heard about FutureNet, but I never understood what it was all about. Your post cleared it up for me very nicely and I must admit that the ad revenue share aspect looks very attractive. It’s the first company I came across that will pay you for your advertising…so to speak.

    What is not so nice for me, is that you only get your money after the 120 days of advertising. Or am I wrong? And also the amount of people you can reach with your adpack seems not so many.

    Anyway, I thank you for this outstanding post, or review, of FutureAdPro.

    • Hello Nicolas,

      Thank you for visiting.

      I will change some of the content to make it clear, so thank you for pointing that out to me.

      The returns come in each day.

      There are many different withdrawal options and I use CoinDeal.

      I can withdraw each time my balance is $5.

      However I generally wait until it is a bigger amount. That is optional.

      So you can in fact withdraw many times during the 120 days should you wish.

      You do not need to wait until the end of the 120 days to withdraw.

      I hope that helps.

      To get started for free and to look around go to

      Once you have registered I can guide you through the process.


  36. Wow, thanks for sharing this and I must say that was an interesting story of how the 2 men used their budget to try and get sales, both of them with very different outcomes. I really like that the man who opted not to use Facebook and instead use a newer platform, was able to get a return on that initial investment as well as some additional money with it. I also had never heard of FutureNet AdPro until I read your article and now I’m very intrigued. You broke it down exactly how it works and how you get a 20% return on your advertising budget. That is awesome and I think I will give it a try! Have you been using FutureNet AdPro for very long?

    • Hello Brian,

      I am so happy that you liked the story.

      It’s good to try new technologies. Personal experience always beats hearsay. So no matter what people think, if you have experienced it and they have not, then you have authority.

      I am glad you were able to understand the breakdown. It took me a while to write it in such a way it was easy to understand! Job Done!

      I have been using FutreNet Ad Pro since February 2017 and they have given me a return everyday without fail and every withdrawal has been processed (documentation on file)

      If you would like to get started you can register for free here and take a look around and then I can guide you through the website and the process.

      Register here at:

      Also feel free to contact me at

      Would love to help you out

      Thanks and have an amazing day!


  37. My words can’t tell how much I appreciate the info you provided here, this is really an eye opener. Now I can put more focus into advertising. When you don’t know much about something or when the knowledge you currently posses makes you doubtful, this kind of information is what you need.

    Just one more question, does it work with all kinds of advertising ?

    • Hello Isaac,

      Thank you for your thoughts on my post.

      I am surely happy that I can share knowledge and help other entrepreneurs.

      You are allowed to pretty much advertise anything (less restrictions than Facebook)

      If you have no product or service, it is a good market for affiliates selling online products.

      I have been promoting my book, but I will start promoting physical products soon as a test.

      The advertising is text boxes and they link to your landing pages.

      I would be more than happy to give you guided tour.



  38. I can really see the benefit in this, because it is not just about getting the 20% return that is like the bonus.  It is about the advertising and that is something that all businesses need anyway.  I know that if I was going to pay for advertising I would certainly want to go with FutureAd Pro, because I would then get the advertising plus a 20% return, who wouldn’t want that?I have bookmarked this page and will return when I have something that I would like to advertise.Thank you for this information!

    • Hello Shy,

      Thank you for your thoughts on the AdPro Return On Advertising Investment program.

      I agree who would not want a 20% return?

      I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to go!

      Thanks a lot!


  39. WOW, Tim, thank you for such a very concise and detailed overview into the bitcoin world. I had no idea and Ioved your examples. They certainly got me thinking.

    I have also downloaded your free ebook – thanks.

    I am still a bit hesitant though, even with having read your article. I look forward to reading you ebook as I am sure it will be chockful of more information and I will be able to link back to it.

    I also loved your FAQ section. it did clear a few cobwebs in my mind. As a matter of fact, I will share this article with a friend of mine who is into this type of investing.

    All the best.


    • Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for your awesome comment.

      I appreciate it.

      It is perfectly normal to be hesitant when doing something new. In fact it is good you are cautious. Unrestrained actions with money has been the downfall of many.

      Hesitant is fine as long as you don’t become frozen. Small steps forward is the way to go. Bitcoin is not going away, so I feel it is something we should take the time to educate and explore with.

      After reading the ebook (and thank you for downloading it) if you would like any help or have questions I am here and would love to guide you.

      Thank you so much for sharing with your friends.

      If you would like to contact me for any help:

      Thank you again!


  40. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for the review. Apparently i am interested in this because it is my first time to hear about this way of advertising because for other we pay for advisement and most of the time we get zero fruit from that. But this one seems to be accurate as i was reading your review i got a question. While building website people need traffick and as i am WA member i will need referrals. Can i use it to get them? if yes i would like to try futureNet ads packs

    I want to try it not only because of money return but also to get traffick

    • Hello Julienne,

      Thank you for your visit to the website and leaving a comment.

      It is true that a lot of advertising platforms do indeed bring zero returns.

      You can certainly advertise WA on The AdPro program. In fact it is really great for online programs.

      And the bonus is you will also make money over and above the advertising!

      I look forward to helping you get started.


  41. This is an informative article.  I was asked to join FutureNet, which I did; but did not quite understand what it was about – except that I understood it to be another place where I can advertise.

    So I’m glad for your article; it outlined for me exactly what it is.

    Does one have to make a spend of $1,000 in order to benefit from joining FutureNet?  Are there any benefits to being a free member until I can justify the spend down the track?

    • Hi Cath and it’s great you are already a member.

      And I am happy that my article was able to help you understand a little more.

      I was using $1000 as an example as that is what I did. You can actually start with as little as $10.

      Free membership allows you to use the social media platform as well as get to understand the platform.

      In actual fact you can get commissions as a free member for introducing people to FutureNet.

      Hope that helps!


  42. Very interesting comparison you have done, and yes this does seem like the ideal way of advertising, I just wonder how effective it is if people are only looking at your ads for credits or money.

    I belonged to a site like this in the past, and they went bang about a month after I bought ad packs, but you say that this site has been going for quite a while, so that at least makes it a little safer to use.

    The next thing I guess is as you put it making sure you use the site correctly and not forget about your ad packs or viewing your ten ads a day, which in many cases I can see people forgetting about. I suppose this is how the site does make money, because if everyone did what they were supposed to all the time, the money out would exceed the money coming in.

    • Hi Michel,

      Thank you for the thoughts.

      I was also very skeptical of the effectiveness of the ads. However as you can see from my story, I was able to get my book to #2 in the best sellers list on Amazon Kindle using the advertising as my only advertising source.

      You can also see how many views I got. I was happy.

      In our experience most people do not forget to watch the ads. In fact many of us have alarms on our cells to remind us.

      The company’s income is not just from the sale of adpacks. They have many different income sources including subscription services.

      They also have big corporate accounts that pay them well for advertising to the 4 million members.

      The adpack revenue is just one income for the company.

      I hope that helps.


  43. Hi Tim, 

    That’s an interesting investing but it looks too good to be true for me. I think I would have to do further reading and assessment to see if I can give it a try. I need some traffic to my site. My question is if I would make a profit of $200 after investing $1000 to view the ads, then why is it not made free to view the ads without paying money? Maybe I didn’t get the concept well. Explaining more would help me. 

    • Hello DerrAd,

      Thank you for coming to the site.

      I am not allowed by law to show my results via the back office in public, however if you ever wanted to jump on Skype I would be happy to show you in a private chat.

      You are not paying $1000 to view ads. You are buying advertising in the same way you buy advertising on Facebook. The purchase allows you to show advertising to the platform.

      If you watch adverts, you can get an adrevenue share.

      Hope that helps


  44. I have been in online marketing for many years now and I had not previously heard of FutureNet. It certainly sounds like a great alternative to FB.

    Two questions:

    1. You mention that you can withdraw money in cryptocurrencies. I assume that this is not your only option? You can still withdrawn to your bank account, etc?

    2. Are there any restrictions on location, as I am based in the UK?

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your questions.

      1) At present withdrawals can be made in Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Bitcoin Cash and can also be made to Neteller and Perfect Money. There is no direct payments to banks at the moment.

      2) UK is not one of the countries that would be restricted.

      Hope that helps.


  45. Dear Coach,

    Thanks a lot for the great post. I joined futureadpro but yet to purchase any ad packs, but soon I will do that.

    Thanks for the thorough and comprehensive post. 20% return on our advertising is just like icing on the cake. I am a full-time blogger and I was worried about paid traffic because of losing money without any sales. After reading your post I will try futureadpro for sure.

    Wishing you great success!


    • Hello Paul,

      Welcome to our team. We are so happy to have you part of the journey.

      I am very excited to work with you and I am already inspired by what you have so far done.

      I will message you directly


  46. Hello, My name’s Michael and I’m very interested in getting more into the field of marketing and advertising. I’ve always been against trying to force people to buy things, but I can stand behind promoting a product that I believe in. The main thing is that I known sometimes startup can be a pretty hefty investment, but the idea that I can make the money back and even a little more on top of that without selling any products is a little hard to believe. So you have used this platform, and they paid you 20% on top of the 1000$ you invested just for devoting 10 minutes a day to looking at other people’s ads? I just want to make sure i completely understand. Thanks!

    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you again for being part of the article.

      You are correct.

      I initially bought $1000 of advertising packs and I watched 10 ads a day and I experienced a return of 120% So I got back $1200. It took 10 minutes a day.

      In fact I went one step further than that.

      I reused the return of $1200 and put it back into the system.

      That initial $1000 has since created $6527.79 as of today and I have actually withdrawn $1,660 (all documented) so not only did I make money but the system created enough for me to use it without any additional cash in.

      I presently have advertising running paid for by returns rather than cash in.

      Doesn’t get much better than that I think.

      Hope this helps.


  47. It seems to be very good. I will think carefully to join that program, but first i want to know more about it. I will see in google what else can I find, besides I don’t like Bitcoin. I also have to learn more about using ads. I bookmarked your site for future contact with FutureNet. Thank you for this information.

    • Hello Maria,

      Thank you for your comment, but if you do not like bitcoin these kind of program might not be for you as they are bitcoin based predominantly.

      Without meaning to be rude, if you don’t like bitcoin you clearly do not understand it.

      Bitcoin was created to give us an alternative way of conducting finances rather than having to use a controlled banking system that is broken.

      It was designed to give us financial competence and independence.

      What you are seeing today, the mass hysteria of panic buying as the price goes up and the panic selling as it goes down is not what bitcoin is all about.

      The value of bitcoin is that it gives us control over our own money.

      In other words freedom!

      What is not to like about that?


  48. Hello Tim – Thank you for a great read and providing this info. I was pleased to know that this was not an investing platform. I have lost thousands of dollars from investing platforms in the past and basically have hung up my towel to dry. However I do know there are legitimate ways out there and just have to find them. What I like about this again is that it is not an investing platform, but a great way to advertise your goods or services. I also like the idea of the revenue sharing program too. If I understood your post correctly, you only create that 20% at the end of your cycle if you watched the required ads per day? Do you have to watch 10 ads per day, or can you watch say 20 one day and 10 the next depending on your time, as long as you meet the required viewing of ads? 

    I also must congratulate you on the success of your book. That is really awesome and for being #2 too on Amazon. What’s a wonderful success and to incorporate your book into this ad platform really seemed to enhance your results. 

    Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to reading your answers to my questions. Thank you.

    • Hello LT Turner Jr,

      Thank you for adding to the conversation and being part of the community.

      I really appreciate it. It’s great to hear all the different thoughts of the team.

      I have also lost considerable amounts of money in so called ‘investment’ platforms so we were very cautious about our next moves.

      As an entrepreneur I am always looking for new ways to find new customers and online advertising can be expensive and often give no results.

      What I liked about this platform was that it complemented my business, I could advertise to other entrepreneurs and I could get a return even if no one bought a single product.

      Just to clarify the questions:

      The ad revenue share is paid daily and once it clears the threshold (which can be as low as $5) you can request a withdrawal. There are small charges involved so I personally prefer to let it build up a bit before withdrawing. So the answer is actually NO you do not have to wait till the end of the cycle to get get the returns. Which I really love.

      The 2nd question. You have to watch 10 ads er day. If you miss a day you cannot watch 20 the next day. However also if you miss a day, you will not miss out as the time will be added on to the total days.

      Thank you for the great words about being #2.

      It surely made me feel good knowing that I was impacting others and earning at the same time.

      If you feel this could be the platform for you, feel free to shoot me an email at

      Would love to hear from you



  49. Hello Tim,

    Thanks for the insightful post about FutureNet. I think the advertisement revenue sharing model is by far one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL business model that’s available in today’s world.

    Most corporate companies are packaging their business model (marketing plans) with this model to attract more revenue into the respective companies. Every company is trying to replicate the success that is obtained by Facebook, Google, any mainstream social / tech companies. Perhaps this is one of the most SUSTAINABLE business model that ever exists on today’s commerce era.

    I’ve came across various platforms (especially the successful ones), I’ve even participated and invested money in a MNC that started off with ads revenue sharing model that markets their own digital assets. Which has now evolved into the adoption of blockchain technology+crypto currency. I believe more and more companies especially MNCs will start to adopt the blockchain+crypto into their business model for it to stay aligned with the updated business world trends.

    I do agree that buying crypto assets like cryptocurrencies is not the ONLY solution towards achieving financial freedom / gaining more wealth HOWEVER I do think those who are ignorant of the crypto market, in specific the progress of the blockchain technology in almost every sector is either being too “passive” / felt like working for someone else FOREVER is the ONLY way towards earning a great living. Any individual who’s concern about their “financial health” should consider platforms like FutureNet and deposit some of their money into any of the mainstream cryptos as an alternative to achieve financial freedom.

    If he / she ever wants to breakthrough from the rat race & be financially free.


    • Hello ChrisCee,

      Thank you for being part of this conversation and sharing your thoughts.

      I really appreciate your thoughts. Very well said.

      Business models are important and as technology changes, business models change.

      Go back a few years and franchising was just emerging. May people were screaming that it was a dangerous business model, years later we know how effective it can be.

      Starting a business is harder than most people think, so for some businesses a franchise is the perfect way to go. Massive support from a successful group can be a great direction for some.

      Other businesses do not suit franchising.

      It is good to analyze your specific business needs and choose the right business model.

      MLM has also been given a hard time over the years. Sometimes some of the MLM companies deserve the bashing that get, but there are many amazing companies in MLM that are legitimate.

      MLM is another business model where the participant gets massive support and can create a business without massive risks.

      Here we are with ad revenue share programs. Is it for everyone?

      No! Most definitely not!

      But for my part, if one company pays me for advertising (no matter what the results) and another one doesn’t I know which one interests me.

      I have advertised many times on Facebook. Sometimes I get great results other times no results.

      Facebook did not pay me back anything on the occasions when I got no results.

      They kept all my money without a thank you.

      Most advertising has a goal to sell product or services. The end objective is to make money.

      If you do not make money then you did not meet your objectives.

      So a platform that gives me a return of 20% above my advertising costs is interesting to me.

      I get that even if I do not sell a single product.

      If I advertise on Futurenet and sell no product and make an extra 20% did I meet my objectives?

      Yes I made money.

      Am I recommending that you put all of your advertising budget into FutureNet? No…

      But would it be worth taking a part of your advertising budget and placing it in FutureNet?

      Clearly it could be a great move.

      I have personally had advertising on FutureNet every day since Feb 2018 and it has made me money every day.

      If you can make 20% on your advertising even if you do not sell products, is it worth taking a look at?

      I think YES!

      If you would like to have more information, let me know at

      I would love to hear from you.


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