Where To Buy Bitcoins With Cash

Where To Buy Bitcoins With Cash And Get Paid At The Same Time


Where To Buy Bitcoins With Cash - The Short Version

  1. On Android or Apple download Coins.ph
  2. Get verified to at least Level 1
  3. Go to any 7-11 Store or Cebuana, M’Lhuillier outlet in The Philippines.
  4. Buy bitcoin over the counter through their payment systems
  5. Buy, trade, sell bitcoin. Pay bills or transfer money anywhere in the world.

It’s so easy!

And best when you get verified, you will get  50 pesos (approx 1$ and if you refer people you also earn for referrals. I discuss these steps further below…


Where To Buy Bitcoins With Cash – Buy Bitcoins Now

One of the obstacles that you may be facing when it comes to bitcoin, is knowing where to buy bitcoins with cash…

We advise that you do not buy bitcoins with a credit card (Unless you can immediately pay it off) as credit card interest rates are stupidly high.

In the first place, it is possible, due to the unfriendly banking system that you may not have access to a credit card or debit card.

Secondly, this creates confusion about how to purchase bitcoins.




Take Control Of Your Money For A Bitcoin Beginner (And Professional)

Take Control Of Your Money


Step 1) Click here to download Coins.ph

Step 2) Once downloaded click on “Limits and Vefitications” to verify your account. Watch the video below to do that…


Get Verified With Coins.ph


Once verified you have solved the problem and buying bitcoins with cash is going to be super easy!

The image below will help you see what documents you need to get verified and also the different verification levels…


Where To Buy Bitcoins With Cash


Buying Bitcoins With Cash – How To Get Started

Congrats! You have actually done the hardest part!

And now that you are verified, you will be sent 50 pesos as a gift (approx $1)…

Now as a special surprise, if you use your referral link and give it to your friends and they join and get verified, you will also get a gift of 50 pesos per person upon verification.

If you introduce 10 people a day to Coins.ph, you would be creating a nice little income on the side!

So let’s get promoting!

Bitcoin is gaining popularity globally and I am sure that your friends will soon start asking Where To Buy Bitcoins With Cash – Well now you can help them!

And get paid!

Cool or Super cool?


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How To Purchase Bitcoins with Coins.ph

Once you are verified, you will be able to buy bitcoin.

In fact not only can you buy bitcoin, but also Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and also Ripple (XRP)

And you can also load Philippine peso to coins.ph directly.

In fact, Coins.ph becomes your new bank!

So the next open the app on either your cell (Android and Apple both supported) or your laptop and then:

  1. Click on ‘Cash In’
  2. Select service (7-Eleven, M’Lhuillier, Union Bank, Palawan Pawnshop, Cliqq or Cebuana Lhuillier
  3. Follow the specific instructions for each outlet
  4. Pay with cash to the specific outlet
  5. Confirm your account has received the payment.



Union Bank seems to take the longest in my experience.

7-Eleven is one of the most expensive, but the most convenient as they are located everywhere.





Coins.ph – In Conclusion

I think Coins.ph is an amazing little app.

I use it all the time to not only buy my cyrptocurrencies, but also to pay my utility and credit card bills while I am out of the Philippines.

If you need help with any of this, feel free to contact me here

Also, remember to get registered and verified here at Coins.ph


If you want to know where to buy bitcoins with cash, and you have access to a Philippine address, this is one of the best solutions I know.





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