Cryptotab Review

If You Can Turn On A Computer, I Can Show You How To Make Money!


Cryptotab - The Story Of Two Online Browsers

In a certain little town, two men lived in the same house.

Each of them had enjoyed the same educational advantages. As far as anyone could see, they were both destined for great success.

One man was accumulating a small fortune online.

The other was making nothing at all and was almost 100% dependent on his family.

He ‘wasn’t lucky’ he explained. He never seemed ‘to get a break’ after he finished school they said.

But the other man, he seemed to do well for himself!

The difference in the two was not a difference of capacity, but a difference in decision.

One man saw opportunities in new technology. He embraced it and tried to learn as much as possible. He didn’t listen to the negative media and friends who didn’t know anything.

The other drifted through life. New technology scared him. Even though it wasn’t getting him the results he wanted, he felt comfortable using the technology he had.

The story of these two men will be repeated in hundreds of thousands of lives in the coming months.

If You Can Turn On A Computer, I Can Show You How To Make Money!

Is your future worth half an hour’s serious thought?


If You Can Turn On A Computer, I Can Show You How To Make Money!

Would you like to make more money?
“You don’t get rich at work. You get rich at home…
Work is where you earn your money…
It is at home where you decide what you are going to do with your money…
And it is what you do with your money after you earn it that makes you rich or poor,”
These are very powerful words indeed from Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich Kid Smart Kid”
  • Making money is easy…
  • Keeping it is a harder task…
  • Growing it is an ever mightier task…
Most people struggle with the last 2, some with all 3…


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Why do you need to make more money?

Kiyosali goes on to talk about a US report that states that out of 100 people at the age of 65:
  • 1 is rich…
  • 4 are comfortable…
  • 5 are still working…
  • 65 need government or family support…
  • 25 are dead…
That is not a good result. It shows that something is not working right.
For all our education and all our hard work only 1 in 100 are successful…
Where are you in that list?
Are you in the 65?
Or are you THE ONE?
So would you like to be THE ONE?
So let’s get you started…

In the story above there were two men…

One of them was using a normal internet browser such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and all are great.
In fact they are excellent…
The other was using a different browser.
It’s name is Cryptotab
It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the others have…
It isn’t as well known as all the others…
Cryptotab doesn’t have all the plugins the others have…
But what it does makes it far more powerful than the others…
Or rather I should say, It makes you bitcoin…
This is the easiest way I have ever seen to make bitcoin…
It is 100% risk free…
There is nothing to pay, zero capital needed and no risk of losing any money!
If you like the idea of bitcoin, but are not sure what it is all about, this is the safest way to start.
And while you are generating small amounts of bitcoin each day, you can take the time to learn about bitcoin.
I would love to guide you through the bitcoin start-up process. Ask me for help here

If You Can Turn On A Computer, I Can Show You How To Make Money!



How does it work?
1) Turn on computer…
3) Open it and use it like any other browser…
4) That’s it you are making bitcoin.
Watch the video here:
Will Cryptotab Make You Rich?
Well the answer to that is NO and YES, it could…
So let me tell you what Cryptotab browser is not going to do, first of all…
It’s not going to spit out $100 a day by tomorrow!
When you first open the browser and let it run, you will have nothing.
No bitcoin and no affiliates.
It’s a little lonely…
Every 10 minutes of so, you will see the bitcoin counter start to increase.
That is you earning bitcoin…
Why Do They Give Me Free Bitcoin?
That is great question.
Creating bitcoin uses a lot of power. The power requirements can often make it unprofitable to make bitcoin. Mining is the process of making bitcoin. Bitcoin miners do the mining.
A mining pool is the coming together of a group who shares resources. They share their power over a network. This generates more power. This allows more mining to take place, generating more bitcoin.
Cryptotab is a huge mining pool. It uses the collective power of many computers to earn bitcoin.
As a reward for taping into your computer power, they give you free bitcoin.
How to get started:
This will take you a page that looks like this:
You will see a big blue button that says “Download CryptoTab Browser”.
Cryptotab Download Button
Click on that and follow the instructions
You can download for both Mac or Windows
Once you open the browser you will see a page that looks like this:
Cryptotab Running
Cryptotab is now running and you are earning bitcoin
Frequently Asked Questions
How To Increase Your Earning With CryptoTab Browser
One of the fastest ways to increase your earnings is to invite other people to use CryptoTab Browser.
The amount of earnings I have generated from my affiliates is more than double what I generate. So it is worth doing.
To invite people you will see a link in the center of the page:
Please make sure to use your link and not the one in the image (that is my link)
Send this to people, promote on social media or write similar posts to this on your website.
Will You Actually Get Paid
I have made 1 withdrawal so far. It took only a few hours to process:
When my earning get to $10, I will withdraw again and post the image here.
How Do You Withdraw
You must have a bitcoin wallet. There are many to choose from.
If you need help with this, message me here
At the top right hand side of the browser you will see 3 horizontal lines:
Click on it and a side window will open
Part way down the page you will see the withdraw button
1) Click on it. Another page will open
2) You enter your bitcoin address
3) Enter amount in bitcoin you want to withdraw
4) Click on “I am not a robot”
Withdrawal processing is twice a day. In the future withdrawals will be automatic.
If you need help with this process, contact me here
Here is a video explaining the process
Is It worth It?
When you first start, Cryptotab is slow. It is more exciting watching paint grow…
But it grows…
Once you start getting affiliates it grows faster and the curve of income multiplies.
You will find that only about 10% of your referrals do anything.
So if you have 100 referrals about 10 affiliates will be consistent.
You will get 15% of all level 1 affiliates.
I have 106 affiliates. My browser generates approx 0.0004 btc a month (About $3 at time of writing)
If I can multiply my affiliates to 1000, then my monthly bitcoin generated would be approx 0.004 btc. ($30 at time of writing)
Now this is still not a lot of money…
Consider this:
1) In the last 10 years, how many hours have you been on Firefox or Chrome? How much did you get paid for that?
Well now all you do is shift browser and start to get paid!
2) The price value of bitcoin is about $6489.39 a coin. (November 2018)
The estimations are that the price of bitcoin will hit $250,000 a coin by 2022 which would be a x38.5 increase.
So if your Browser is earning you $30 a month, that could be worth $1,155 a month.
Is that worth it?
Cryptotab Browser have a limit of 1btc withdrawal per month.
I am ok with that…
Is Cryptotab going to make you rich?
It could do…
But I know one thing…
Firefox and Chrome, do not make you rich!

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How To Use Cryptotab

Cryptotab uses the computing power that you are not using.

It might slow down your computer, especially when printing or watching videos.

So the way I use it, is to let it run all night while I am sleeping.

If it slows down my computer during the day, I turn it off.

It is rare, (in my experience) that my mac slows down.

If the computer seems to get slow, turning it off and back on again can sort everything out.

Or turn off CryptoTab for a short while.

To maximize income, you want to have Cryptotab running as much as possible.

Cryptotab is one of the easiest ways to get started with bitcoin.
It is completely free…
There is zero risk…
It’s all income!
Bitcoin is here to stay…
Your goal from now should be to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible.
Do it as fast as you can…
Do it with the minimal risk possible.
CryptoTab is one of the solutions.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.
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We are making no offers to sell, buy, trade or hold any investment or cryptocurrency product. Nothing on this website should be taken as an offer.
Conduct your own due diligence and consult with financial advisors, business advisors and any other kind of professional that you deem fit, before making any investment decisions.

By investing, joining any programs or services or taking any action on any information on this website, you accept full responsibility and waive Timothy Bennett or any of his business associates free from responsibility, claim, lien, or harm of any kind.

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Price Risk
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It is possible, that bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not for you. Consult a fully qualified professional financial advisor before investing.
This post ‘If You Can Turn On A Computer, I Can Show You How To Make Money’ is a review of Cryptotab and was written by Tim Bennett Exclusively for Bitcoin Training Camp © 2018
  1. There is a lot of truth here. The trick is not just making honest money, its figuring out how to keep it!CryptoTab sounds like a brilliant browser. Like you say other browsers do not pay you to use them but this one does.

    Even if it is small amount now that does not matter. The most exciting thing about bitcoin is that it is volatile, meaning the value can skyrocket at any time and that means your 3 cents can jump up to $300! I will definitely be clicking that link! 

    • Hi Renton,

      You hit the nail right on the head!

      Exactly! The price of bitcoin is expected to rise significantly over the coming years, so a small amount now, could be substantial in the future.

      As the Cryptotab browser does the same as all the other browser and pays you then it makes sense!

      If you were reading this on Cryptotab, you would be getting paid!

      Awesome and thanks for your comment!


  2. I’ve been curious about bitcoin for quite some time.

    My question is, is it really completely free? Can I have an unlimited downline without paying anyone anything?

    Is there a max period of time I can leave the bitcoin in my account? Let’s say that I changed my browser and began earning bitcoin, let’s just say that in 1 month I earned a whole bitcoin. Could I leave it in my account indefinitely? I mean, let’s suppose that in 2022 a bitcoin really is worth $250K. That would be a great saving plan, right?

    Another question that I have: What does this special browser do with my computer while I’m using it?

    Is there any potential that this browser company could do something with my computer through its browser that could implicate me in a crime?

    I’m pretty interested in this but having to put in a special browser with no plugins concerns me.

    Can you address these issues for me?

    Thank you!

    • Hello john. thanks for your comments and questions.

      To download and use the browser is 100% free.

      You can also have unlimited downlines 100% for free without limit of time.

      While you can leave it in the Cryptotab browser, I would not advice it. I would suggest that you withdraw any bitcoin to an external wallet on a regular basis.

      So it would be better to have the bitcoin in a wallet controlled by you, while it grows.

      If you need help with setting any of that up, I would be happy to help you

      The browser taps into your computing power. It does not have access to any other parts of the computer.

      Could they access the computer? I think the risk is the same as any browser including Firefox or Chrome? Could they potential I suppose they could…

      But would it be a good business practice for a legitimate company?

      You can add plugins to Cryptotab if you choose. You can import other browser settings into it to, should you want.

      I have not heard of any reports of any security issues.

      Hope this helps you in your decision.


  3. Bitcoins have been trending for quite some time, now.  For years I haven’t really learned much about it.  I always figured that you need a special kind of computer to mine bitcoins, though.  I remember years ago I tried to harvest coins on my laptop for 2 days and didn’t really earn anything.

    However, years ago I recall bitcoins being worth a couple hundred for a single bitcoin.  However, if you invested years ago now 1 bitcoin is worth thousands!

    I think I am going to try out Cryptotab.  I have heard you can save bitcoins on a flash drive.  Is that accurate?  

    • Hi Garen,

      Thank you for your comments and questions.

      If you want to experience the full potential of bitcoin mining, yes you would need a bitcoin rig. These are expensive to run and to build, so bitcoin pool mining is the next best thing and what we are doing here.

      We pool the computing power across a network.

      This is most surely not a get rich quick and it will take time to grow. Initially you will earn very small amounts, but it does grow.

      Yes you can store bitcoin on an external drive. I have one called a Ledger Nano S.

      Right now you probably won’t need one of those.

      If you need help with Cryptotab, contact me any time at

      Thanks so much and hope I helped


  4. hello, 

     Thank you for this post.  I have installed cryptotab a couple of times but after working for a few days it usually stops and tell me it has been blocked.  Do you experience this or what do you think the problem is? 

    I’m not sure is my anti virus is responsible or not. 

    Please i need some help. 

    • Hello Olonisakin,

      I have experienced that in the past. when it happens, I just close my computer and restart it again and it seems to be ok.

      I think sometimes it is an internet issue.

      Let me know if that works for you.


  5. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    The tutorial on how to start earning money Cryptotab was never so easy to understand to me before reading your article, you helped me so much. I have been trying to understand how to mine bitcoin for quite sometime but there was a big stumbling block, I couldn’t find someone who could clearly explain it to me. Thank you so much for such a comprehensive explanation.

    I have downloaded the Cryptotab browser and in the next few hours I will be looking at how it works according to your explanation as I want to start immediately

    • Hello Ngonidzashe!

      Congrats you are on your way to earning while your computer is on!


      If you need any help with it, let me know here at

      Will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

      Would love to know your experience with it. Glad I was able to help you understand.


  6. This is a very interesting post because I’ve read about bitcoins in the past but didn’t understand how everything works. By reading your article am able to tell how the whole idea of bitcoin translate to income. 

    Something which is not clear to me, do I just earn by referring people or by just downloading the software? What’s the purpose of keeping the computer machine on most of the time? Is it compatible to mobile phones or only for computers? 

    • Hi pmbaluka2016.

      I think Cryptotab is a very simple way for you to get started with bitcoin, primarily because there is no payment from you in any way.

      It’s all income!

      You do not earn by referring people. You earn when the people you refer earn from Cryptobrowser. You get 15% of anything they do (level 1)

      The reason, you need to keep the browser open, is that the mining only takes place while the browser is running. If you close it, the system stops. Once you open it again it starts up again.

      Hope it works for you.


  7. Your beginning question is quite captivating, I wish making an income was as easy as turning on a computer on. Never heard of CryptoTab before, I don’t know how this being given free bitcoin is viable. There is something i missed in your review, who owns this browser, where are they based, how long has the browser being in operation? This am asking because of the risk involved, what if one day I wake up and find the browser has been closed, how do I recover my bitcoins? Wish to get some of this answers so that I can be comfortable joining knowing my time invested on the browser will be paid back.

    • Hello Anita.

      Right now i do not know who owns the browser. I will have to get back to you on this.

      Is it possible that one day they could close down? Yes it is. in the same way that any business could. I would recommend that you regularly withdraw and do not use Cryptotab as an exchange or wallet.

      I will send their support your questions so come back once I update it.



      • Dear, I have a plan for you, kindly withdraw all earnings as soon as possible into you BTC wallet…sell or trade them as soon as possible. With this, should the browser fail to operate (God forbid) at least your electricity bill will be covered using Cryptobrowser…it’s fair a nice idea just switching your PC to earn money…I mean it’s cool

        • I agree with you that you should not leave your bitcoin on any wallet longer than you need to. I withdraw from Cryptotab on a regular basis.

          I recommend storing your bitcoin in an external wallet.

          Thanks for joining the conversation


  8. Wow, that’s an interesting option.

    I’ve never heard of this crypto browser before but for sure I will try it now.

    You say, you get $3 at time of writing, how is this defined, in hours or days or during a month of using the browser?

    I work on my laptop for around ten hours a day, always online using the Google browser. How would that look for me if I changed to the cryptobrowser?

    I just found out the links won’t open, do you have an idea why that is?

    • Hi Stefan,

      Thanks for your visit.

      Not sure exactly why the links did not work for you. I have tested them again and they seem ok. Here is a direct link:

      I am on line probably about 10 hours a day too so you could get similar. however, I also focused on affiliates and have over 100 and that really increases income.

      Let me know your experience


  9. This is interesting!. I am in pursuit of ways on making money online, which you wouldn’t on regular day jobs. 

    And Bitcoin is relevant now a days.  And if bust by using the browser will allow me earn for free, then why not? Like what said, most of us these days, we are spending time browsing the internet but gets nothing! So maybe this is the time to change that.

    This something worth trying. But… what bothers me is that, (1) it might affect my computer, (2) I’m wondering if it’s safe? computer wise (3) Is it like Google that stores all your passwords?

    It’s funny, I am more concerned on what the CryptoTab Browser would do on my computer and my personal information rather than the money making.

    • Hello Mina,

      I totally understand your thoughts about security.

      I have not had any negative affects with Cryptobrowser.

      If fact what I do is still use Firefox and Chrome most of the time and just let it run in the background. So I don’t store any sensitive data on it at all.

      It seems as safe as any other browser to me.


  10. Hello Tim. Thank you for sharing this awesome review and your experience with Cryptotab browser. I’ve been hearing about it for a long time now. I’ve gotten invitations from my friends to join and earn Bitcoin but I never bothered. I thought it was another big scam. It feels great to see that you’ve withdrawn $10. That’s enough to convince me. Of course it is an awesome idea to make some extra cash with my browser.  I’ll definitely give it a try on my PC. I wish there was a mobile version.

    • Hello Mr BEazzy,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I appreciate it.

      I think there will be a mobile version available in the future. It would really be good to have both running.

      Let me know how your experience with Cryptotab is.

      I am having a blast with it!


  11. Hi there, very motivating article and a great review of Cryptotab! I looked into bitcoin before and it seemed very intriguing, however I decided to go with a different online marketing strategy (affiliate marketing). However, I can still relate. What would you say your favourite part of Cryptotab is? I look forward to your response! 

    • Hi Kohl,

      thank you for your visit and your question.

      Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative as well. I actually do both.

      My favorite part has to be that I can earn bitcoin while doing what I was doing before for nothing.

      I am on my computer all day anyway, so I might as well have extra income, even if it is a small amount right now.

      My goal is to grow my 108 affiliates to 1000 in the coming weeks.

      That should generate about 430 a month then!

      If you are doing affiliate marketing you may want to have Cryptotab running in the background and promote it as well.

      To get started just click here:

      Hope this helps!


  12. So I’ve heard of bitcoin but understood nothing about it. Your explanation seems valid enough but of course there are still many questions on my mind.

    I’ve always wanted to know more about bitcoin and how Cryptotab works.Why would this browser pay you money when no other browser would do that?

    You must keep the computer on constantly and invite people?I would like to try this but wondering how much I can make from it and does this seem to be around for quite some time?This definitely interests me!

    • Bitcoin is all over the news. Sadly the media report very badly. It would appear the news is being manipulated by governments, banks and financial institutions to scare the public away from bitcoin.

      If you go to… it will give you an idea of the massive bank fraud that is going on and why people are turning to bitcoin.

      Cryptotab pays you because it is a reward for tapping into the computing power of your computer. The other browsers don’t do this.

      I have my computer on about 12 hours a day and have Cryptotab running in the background. It does not seem to interfere with anything I am doing and has not slowed down my computer.

      you can invite other people, but you do not have to. I occasionally share my link and results on Facebook and have generated a total of 29 1st liners which has created 108 affiliates in total.

      Hope this helps you out!



  13. I have always been intrigued by Bitcoin because I’ve heard so many stories about people getting rich investing with it. Earning bitcoin while browsing the internet definitely sparked my interest. Cryptotab looks like it’s worth trying since I spend all day everyday on the internet so I might as well earn a few dollars while doing it.

    How much Bitcoin do you think I’ll earn if I leave my browser on 24/7 everyday for a month?

    • Hi Kent,

      Yes bitcoin has changed a lot of lives.

      I like Cryptotab as I am online a lot and use it the same way I would use any other browser, except I get a reward in bitcoin.

      It is difficult to say exactly how much as it depends on your computing speed and memory. Also if you have affiliates it will affect it. I get about double from affiliates as to my own mining.

      As i mentioned in the post above, it starts slow and gets faster.

      I am making about $3 to $4 a month right now. That might not seem much but it is more than any other browser has ever paid me for doing the same thing.

      Also if the price value of bitcoin multiplies x 10, as it could do soon, then that would be $30 a month. I will take a dollar any day!

      Here is the link for you to try it out:

      Hope this helps.


  14. Reading your review of Cryptotab was quite interesting.

    I have a few questions, though.

    1. Is this legitimate? If I just leave my computer run all day with the Cryptotab on I will make money?

    2. What would you equate the Cryptotab browser to? Safari? Chrome? Or way different? Can I do all the things I can do on those other browsers? Do I want to do the other things on that browser?

    3. How do I know that this isn’t just hacking my info?

    I’m very curious about bitcoin and look forward to your reply! Thanks!

    • Hi Karin,

      Thanks for your great questions…

      1) Yes it seems legitimate to my experience. I have made 1 withdrawal so far and will make another soon. Cryptotab are using your computing power to mine and give you a share of their mining income for doing so.

      2) I think Cryptotab is closest to Chrome (except Chrome doesn’t pay you in bitcoin) . You can do all the same things. It seems lightweight and i have no issues using it so far.

      3) Cryptotab appear to be a reputable company. They have spent a considerable amount of time and effort building a browser that in my experience does what it is meant to do. It would not be a good long-term business model for them to hijack any info. This is no different from Firefox, Chrome or any other browser.

      Give it a try and see how it works out for you.

      I am having good experience with it so far.


  15. This is a really cool concept that I never even knew existed. I make small investments in bitcoin every month and I’ve always been weary about the mining process because I hear that running computers that can mine end up needing way too much power on their own, meaning you’ll end up with an electric bill that’s higher than your mortgage. This system seems to nullify that issue while allowing people to get in on the rewards of mining.

    • Hi Ryan,

      You are right, if you get a mining rig and setup a mining station, your electricity bill will be huge.

      I have one friend who is doing that, however he is in for the long haul and waiting for the bitcoin prices to really jump up.

      Since I started using Cryptotab, my electricity bills have not changed in any way other than normal usage.

      So I agree with you, that using Cryptotab can be a safe way to get started with bitcoin.

      Thanks for your comments


  16. There is so much about bitcoin all over the internet, it is hard to decide what is legit, or not.I am really not sure about downloading and using a new browser.  How does this differ from chrome?  It would be great to earn just by using your computer but I am always afraid that it might affect my computer somehow.Is it worth it if you are not able to get other affiliates to sign up and help you to make more money?I am on my computer a lot so would like to earn money but do not want to have to restart my computer if it ends up crashing, my computer already has some problems.  

    • Hello Shy,

      I agree bitcoin is the big news at the moment. It’s going to get bigger.

      Cryptotab works in exactly the same way as Chrome.

      The difference is that you earn while you use it. you earn nothing while using Chrome.

      So far, my experience is that it has not affected my computer negatively in any way and I have been using Cryptotab almost non-stop for a few months.

      If you do not get affiliates, then you can still earn, it’s just slower. I just shared my link on Facebook a few times and I have 107 affiliates as of today.

      I restart my computer once a day as normal.

      Hope this helps and once you download, let me know your experience.


  17. Hello Tim. I have heard of Bitcoin but never took interest in it. Cryptotab, no I have not heard. Your article did capture my attention though. It is interesting knowing how easy it is to make money online with the right resources. I will need to find out more on the legality of cryptocurrencies in my country as the last time I heard about a year back, it was banned. Anyway, your step-by-step guide is very helpful. Thanks.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for visiting the post and leaving your thoughts.

      I appreciate you.

      I am glad you found the post helpful and I hope that you will be able to access bitcoin soon.

      Which country do you live in?

      We could find a work around possibly.

      Let me know and see what we can do!


  18. Hey Tim,

    In fact, l have the intention to invest in Bitcoin but the risks is too great. I am a risk adverse and your recommendation on Cryptotab seems to be interesting. There is no any kind all risks and investment involved but l am only concern the security of my private data. Does Cryptotab auto sync all my private data saved on my computer?

    As you mentioned that l can withdraw my earning into a Bitcoin wallet, which wallet company do you recommend. Cryptotab recommended Blockchain and they charge a fee, do you know the structure of their fees?

    My last question is Cyroptotab an MLM scheme since they paid 10 levels.

    Anyhow, l will definitely give it a try and thank you for your detailed review.

    Best Regards

    • Hello Zayn,

      Thanks for your amazing questions.

      I agree there is an element of risk with bitcoin (or any investing). However right now the price value of bitcoin is about $6350 a coin. This is a significant price. Significant, because to mine 1 bitcoin costs about $6000, so it is not expected to go beneath that level as it makes mining unprofitable.

      That being said, it indicates that bitcoin could be at it’s lowest point right now, which indicates the only way is up. (Please note I am not a financial advisor so this is not financial advice)

      So whilst there is risk, it could be low risk right now. If you do start, step cautiously. If you need support with that, let me know at

      So Cryptotab is a very safe place to begin. you correctly say there is no investment of any kind of the than the use of your computer.

      It is normal that there are small charges when transferring bitcoin to any wallet or exchange. It cannot be avoided. Blockchain is an excellent place to transfer to.

      I do not know Blockchain’s fees. We would have to look at blockchains site. However when I transferred from Cryptotab, they did not make any charge to transfer to my wallet.

      Cryptotab is not a true MLM company. I would say it’s more like an affiliate marketing model.

      It is similar in the end.

      Hope this helps and to get started go here:

      Thanks so much!


  19. Very interesting post!  At one time I was going to start investing in cryptocurrencies — I even signed up for Coinbase.  However, I never did get started.  This new plan sounds like the way to go.  Does the browser work just like Google or Firefox?  Will it slow down my computer very much?  I would like to find out more.  

    • Hi Fran,

      Great questions!

      In my experience I can do everything on Cryptotab that I can do on Google or Firefox.

      It is another browser with the same (or similar capabilities).

      I have not seen any significant slow down on my computer, however each computer has it’s own demands.

      Give it a try here at:

      See how it goes!


  20. This is a very interesting topic. I wish I would have got into bitcoin years ago. It is crazy how much money the early birds have generated! It does appear that cryptocurrency is still on the rise and a wise investment. Would you suggest investing in bitcoin now? How long have you been using cryptotab and how much does it affect performance and the electric usage?

    Thank you for taking the time to share this information. I will surely be looking into this…

    • Hello Anthony and thank you for your great questions.

      I am not a financial advisor so I cannot give advice, however, I personally believe that this is going to be one of the last chances we will ever have to buy bitcoin at this price again (about $6300 a coin at time of writing)

      I believe this because, institutional money will come into bitcoin very soon. Once that happens the floodgates should open.

      Bitcoin mining is not profitable below about $6000 so we are just above that price and for that reason, I think we will not see the price go below $6,000, which could indicate this is the lowest it’s going to get.

      I have been using Cryptotab for about 5 months in total. I do not see any significant increase in my electricity bill as I actually have my computer on most of the time anyway.

      I also do not see any significant loss of speed overall.

      Try it out and see how it goes for you:

      Thanks again for the comment


  21. There are so many ways to earn bitcoin online these days I have never known where to start so I have never bothered going any further than just looking to what it’s all about. I have never really understood it all if I’m honest, so it’s like real money you can earn but only able to spend it online, or that correct?

    I have seen a few places to get free bitcoin but none as easy as this bitcoin browser method so I might just give it a try as you seem to know what you’re talking about and the site doesn’t look like all these spamming sites that are out there so I think I can trust you.

    Can you download the bitcoin browser on a tablet or is it just for computers and laptops only?

    • Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your great questions.

      I really appreciate them.

      You are correct. bitcoin (and all crypto) is an online currency. It can be saved in the same way you save money in a bank. It can be invested in the same way you use mutual funds (except with bitcoin it’s normally much faster). you can also use it to buy and sell items in the same way we use credit cards online to pay for items.

      There are advantages and disadvantages about each method.

      My experience with Cryptotab has been all good. It is not in my opinion, one of the spam sites and I am very satisfied with it. I am using it right now.

      At present it is only available on desktop and laptops. I have not tried it on tablet yet. It is possible later this year they will have a mobile version, but no other news on that as of yet.

      Give it a shot and try it out.

      Would like to hear your results.


  22. More than once I got interested in trying about bitcoin mining but as many times as I looked into it it felt like a complex procedure. But with your article everything seems so much easier and simple that I am having second thoughts now about trying it to see how it goes. As you said, we are using our browsers so much nowadays that if it is so easy to do bitcoin mining while doing your normal work it is amazing. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    • Hello Stratos!

      I completely agree with you. Bitcoin mining is complicated and something that I would not want to do alone.

      Cryptotab uses a pooled mining system and shares resources. They set up the infrastructure and took the headache away.

      Happy to help and I wish you great bitcoin success.


  23. Hi there Tim,

    This post has really caught my attention.  We know of bitcoin and actually toyed with the idea of investing in it a while back but never did.  There was just so much information and we were still not clear in some areas. Apparently that is a missed opportunity.

    This is the first time I’m paying any attention to cryptotab. It sounds profitable and simple enough. I’m not so comfortable adding that browser to my main computer.  I have my old laptop that’s operable. I’m thinking of trying cryptotab on that to see how it works before going further. 

    So will it interfere in any way with my regular browsing? Will my browsing get slower? Do I need to leave my computer on all day? Is my information being hacked?  And please let us know how long you have used cryptotab and how it’s working for you.

    Well thank you for the information so far, it is something to consider.

    V. Pearl

    • Hello Vanna,

      I agree with you that last year’s opportunity might have been missed, but there is a lot or opportunity to come.

      Bitcoin is far from dead and is only just beginning.

      I understand your hesitancy with Cryptotab. Anything new is worth testing, so putting it only your old computer will give you confidence to move ahead.

      I have had no issues when using my computer. In fact I use Cryptotab to do a lot of my browsing. It works in exactly the same way as Chrome or Firefox.

      I have been using Cryptotab for about 7 months and I have not had a single issue with it.

      Hope this helps and thanks for the questions.


  24. I am so inspired with Crypto Tab, I joined bitcoin and i bought a pool and i am earning bitcoins , but what was worrying me was the fact that the earnings are low and the only thing that gives me strength is the fact that you do mention that Bitcoin can skyrocket in the next coming years. I think it is real worth it to have have my Affiliate marketing and cryptoTab

    I am really motivated , this gives me hope that one day i will be successful.

    • Hello NKhosingiphile,

      I am so very happy that I was able to inspire you a little.

      Bitcoin went crazy last year. People were buying in a greed frenzy, so I think that what has happened this year has been a good cleaning out.

      The indications are that bitcoin will steadily rise over the coming weeks, months and for sure years.

      Watch out for that!

      If you need any help, feel free to connect with me at

      Thanks for your comments


  25. Very interesting article. I have heard of this before. However, you left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works. My concern though is about the constant ‘electronic wear ‘n tear’ on the power system of your computer. I have heard people talk about the constant power drain on their computer…is that a great and valid concern? I see where you turn off your computer occasionally, I am not comfortable with leaving my computer on all night…so this is my hesitation. Is it actually on? Or is it in sleep mode?

    In any event, you have some good points…regular browsing will not make you any money, and it is nice to know that there is a way to make a ‘little something’.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for your awesome questions!

      I have not personally experienced any negative power drains or wear and tear on my computer. However I am a heavy user and use my MacBook Air about 15 hours a day so I guess the extra effort doesn’t really show.

      Also I am guessing it would be dependent on the system. If the device is an old system, it could possible suffer and slow down.

      At night when I have my system running, it goes into hibernation mode, but technically it is still turned on.

      As I don’t know exactly what system you have or your usage, I would say try it out for a day or two and if it has no negative side issues than carry on.

      Let me know how you get on!


  26. Dear Coach,

    Thanks again for another helpful and informative post.

    Thanks for sharing great ideas to earn Bitcoins that too without invest is just like icing on the cake.

    Being your subscriber is a great asset, As per your advice I joined with Cryptotab and currently using it. Its the easiest and very simple way to earn bitcoin I came across online. Thanks again for the great post.

    As you mentioned “Your goal from now should be to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible.” That’s my goal and I am implementing your advice.

    Wishing you much success!


    • Thank you always Paul.

      You are a most valuable member of our team and you are also inspiring many people in India as a leader to your community.

      Most people do not realize (or choose to admit) that their banks are committing massive fraud (See my article at:

      Fiat is backed by nothing, making it totally worthless. Fractional reserve banking makes fiat the biggest ponzi in the world.

      Most people would be shocked if they really took the time to study what is going on, but we are part of a massive fraud.

      Bitcoin was created to stop this fraud. It was not actually created so we could trade it, but to give us a decentralized (so it cannot be controlled directly by government) and trust-less (so we do not need 3rd party permission) banking system.

      The very financial institutions which say bitcoin is dangerous are the ones trying to control it now with misinformation.

      If viewers would like a professional opinion watch this video called Wall Street is Manipulating Bitcoin Price To Buy It Cheap here

      Bitcoin’s purpose is where the value is.

      That is why i conclude that i will continue to ignore the current price trend and think long term.

      I will continue to build my bitcoin reserves.

      Great to have you on board with our team Paul.


  27. Wow, I have never been interested in bit coin until I talked to a guy not too long ago describing how his brother had made a pretty incredible amount of money with it. I like this idea and I like how you’re honest. The get rich quick ideas are farfetched and almost always too good to be true. But something that can offer you a large amount of money in the LONG run like this has definitely caught my attention. So Im probably going to ask the same questions a lot of people ask. How is the money funneling through? Is it coming from the browser producer who is looking for some traffic? Is the bit coin liquidated through the browser? Thanks !

    • Hello Michael

      Thank you for your great question.

      Mining bitcoin takes a lot of energy. Actually to mine bitcoin is presently very inefficient.

      So the miner must have a lot of energy to mine. they can do this either by providing the energy source and paying very high energy bills or by a process called a mining pool.

      Cryptotab uses a mining pool technology.

      The browser is like any other browser in every way, except that it can use the idle energy of your computer and adds it together with all the other computing power around the world.

      The other computers are not connected in anyway, so we have no security issues but the browser uses the power of your computer to mine.

      It gives us a small share as payment for using our computer power. this is paid to us in bitcoin.

      You will see how much bitcoin you generate on the browser dashboard.

      Once you get over the threshold payment, you will be able to withdraw to any bitcoin wallet you own.

      Hope this answers your question, but give it a try and see how it goes for you.

      Personal experience is always the best way.

      Get started here:

      I am also happy to hear about your friends making a lot in bitcoin.

      I am sure there were many people who told them they were crazy and that they would lose all their money.

      Had they listened to the naysayers they would not have their success.

      Give Cryptotab a shot. It could be one of the best things you ever did!


  28. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for the interesting article! I have heard a lot about bitcoins but haven’t known how to get started with them. This process sounds very easy to do.

    As you said they are here to stay so why not.

    Is this something you need to understand BEFORE you download the browser or will you learn as you go along?

    • Hi Momsmith78,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You can just download it and get started and learn along the way.

      I am just about to launch a video training about bitcoin and the different options and I will be giving a tutorial of that too, but it’s actually really easy to understand.

      Give it a shot at:


  29. Thanks Tim, I have hear a lot about bitcoin but never understood it. I have never heard of crypotab and I didn’t know you could actually mine bitcoin on your own computer! I have only heard of buying and selling bitcoin for a profit. Cryptotab sounds almost too good to be true. I will bookmark your site and give cryptotab a try.

    • Hi Juliet,

      I have been using Cryptotab for just under 1 year and it works in the same way as Firefox or Chrome in all other respects.

      The difference is that the new technologies allow us to earn from the browser.

      A lot of new technologies look amazingly different and what opportunities we have right now are amazing.

      Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

      Get started here

      It’s totally free


    • Hey Jamalie,

      Great to have you here as part of the team.

      It’s good to see you taking action and beginning to build some bitcoin.

      Yes Crypto tab is 100% legit. I have been using it for well over 1 year and done 3 or 4 withdrawals so far!

      Keep up the great work!


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